So In Love ~ Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer


“In all the world, there is no
heart for me like yours.
In all the world,
there is no love for you
like mine.”

–Maya Angelou

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Reception Venue: Omni William Penn
Wedding Coordinator: Jackie Wick
Florist: Allison McGeary
Cake and Sweets: Bella Christies
Hair Styling: Craig Allen Salon
Makeup Styling: Susie Popovich
Videographer: Steel Rock Films
Band: Free Spirit
Bridal Gown: Rosa Clara
Bridesmaids Gowns: Alfred Sung

The Ones We Choose… Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-001…to live our lives with forever and ever is no small decision. What initially attracted you to your mate? What was your first fight and how did you make up? When did you realize that this was the person for you? For all time?

Those are the questions I think about when I watch the bride walk down the aisle. You would never believe this but each eve before a wedding we are photographing the next day I say a little prayer for the couple. And yes, maybe an extra special prayer for the bride.

In the journey of marriage and love I don’t think we can ever have too many prayers and well-wishes out in this universe with our name on them.

Happy to say so far, so good with these 2 as they just welcomed their very first little baby girl into the world this month. Now I’ll say a little prayer for her too.

phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-002phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-003phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-004phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-005phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-006phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-007phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-008phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-009phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-010phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-011phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-012phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-013phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-014phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-015phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-016phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-017phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-018phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-019phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-020phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-021phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-022phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-023phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-024phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-025phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-026phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-027phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-028phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-029phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-030phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-031phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-032phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-033phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-034phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-035phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-036phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-037phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-038phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-039phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-040phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-041phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-042phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-043phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-044phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-045phipps-conservatory-weddings-pittsburgh-046PS–can you believe the transformation of that ballroom at Phipps Conservatory for this wedding?? If you’ve ever seen it bare you would know that this is INCREDIBLE. Perfectly Planned by Shari killed it that day (as they always do)!

The Do-Over

Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-009What’s better than wearing a wedding dress on your wedding day? Getting the chance to wear it again.

We were contacted by this lovely couple for a “Do-Over”. I’m sure you know what this means, but just in case you don’t, it’s when a couple is left a bit under-whelmed with their wedding photographs from their wedding photographer, and then they hire us to give them a 2nd chance. And that we did.

It was so much fun to be given unlimited time to photograph a couple in wedding attire. You know how it is on a wedding day…running, chicken, cutting off heads…

But not on this day. And on this day we had such glorious weather. The sun showed up with all it’s yumminess and the day just glowed. We had fun with all of it: from laughs and giggles, to slow love and romantic moments. It was perfect.

Who says you don’t get a 2nd chance for that gown?? Not me!Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-001Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-002Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-003Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-004Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-005Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-006Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-007Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-008Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-010Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-011Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-012Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-013Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-014Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-015Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-016Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-017Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-018Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-019Romantic Wedding Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-020Hair and makeup by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.

Kara & Chris | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Oh what a sweet sweet sweet couple I get to share with you today! Kara & Chris are a couple that is right up our alley. Loving, adoring, grounded, and blended to perfection. We didn’t get to meet Chris till their wedding day (they live in NYC) but I did get to meet Kara ahead of time when she came in for a Beauty Session. I knew instantly that we were going to be friendsies. Kara is so beautiful, so smart and has an awesome sense of humor. She told me all about her and Chris’ relationship and how blending their family of her, Chris and Chris’ two adorable daughters has its moments, you could hear the love and commitment in Kara’s words. She loves Chris. She loves his daughters. And voila…a beautiful partnership is made. As you can see from the photos there weren’t enough buckets in the world to hold all the love. All buckets runneth over that day. It was splendid to watch all of it from its start at the Omni William Penn, to St. Kilian Church and bringing it home at the gorgeous Mansions on Fifth.

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers 2016 | Elizabeth Craig Photography-52

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers 2016 | Elizabeth Craig Photography-58

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers 2016 | Elizabeth Craig Photography-71

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers 2016 | Elizabeth Craig Photography-75

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers 2016 | Elizabeth Craig Photography-78

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers 2016 | Elizabeth Craig Photography-84

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers 2016 | Elizabeth Craig Photography-89Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers 2016 | Elizabeth Craig Photography-90

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers 2016 | Elizabeth Craig Photography-103

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers 2016 | Elizabeth Craig Photography-107

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers 2016 | Elizabeth Craig Photography-137

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers 2016 | Elizabeth Craig Photography-153

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers 2016 | Elizabeth Craig Photography-184

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers 2016 | Elizabeth Craig Photography-183

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers 2016 | Elizabeth Craig Photography-182

Venue: Mansions on Fifth
Church: St. Kilian
Flowers: Hepatica
Bride’s and bridesmaid’s hair styling: Kiersten Supik-Lehner
Flower Girl’s and MOG hair styling: At home Beauty
Bride’s makeup styling: Patty Bell
Bridesmaid’s makeup styling: Bri Matisse
Band: Velveeta
Cake: Bella Christies

Featured | Maggie & Sean | Carats & Cake

Ohhhhh I LOVE when we get some love in the blogosphere! Today I am so tickled to say that we have been featured on Carats & Cake! I’m sure you remember Maggie & Sean’s absolute stunner of a wedding…well now you get to relive it!

So take some time and show US some love by stopping over to see the lovely shout out we got from one of our fave wedding blogs!

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 8.52.43 AM.png

Venue: Carnegie Museum of Art
Rehearsal Dinner Venue: Heinz History Center
Day of Planner: Natalie Berger
Band: Elite Show Band
Hair & Makeup: Beauty Justified
Florist: Mocha Rose
Celebrant: Weddings Without Worries
Ceremony & Bar Decor: Event Source
Ceremony Music: Steven Vance Violinists
Caterer: Parkhurst Catering
Linens: All Occasions