Hunting Cacti

Right…so maybe I’m not “hunting cacti” but I AM going hiking, meditating, reading, cooking, yoga-ing, reiki-ing, writing, filming and photographing out in New Mexico for a few days.

I’ll be back, but in the meantime I will not be blogging (did you see that list of things I’m doing up there??) so I leave you with this. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Craig Photography Boudoir Photography-1Elizabeth Craig Photography Boudoir Photography-2Elizabeth Craig Photography Boudoir Photography-3Makeover by At Home Beauty.

Shining a Light on the New Year

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-11What is it about the New Year that brings out so much hope in all of us? For me, I love looking over the previous year and (hopefully) seeing success, then planning for even more of that in the future. And I don’t just mean in the business. First and foremost it’s with my family, then my clients, then my business. I kinda feel like if the home base is strong, I’m doing right by my clients, then the business will just keeps chugging along like it should. That’s the system I’ve used since the beginning, so I suppose if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But I’m so excited to share that not only do I have a few things in the cupboard under lock and key just for a while, but I’m also doing a whole studio makeover. Once I get it done I’ll share it, but let me just say, ladies, if you’re considering some fun in the studio this year is the year.

To my clients of this past year: Thank You for filling my days with so much love, laughter and doggone good fun. Thank You for continuing to help me to keep my studio the safe, supportive, and nurturing bubble I know it to be and for continuing to fill it with your positive energy. I’ve been in this space for 7 years and it just keeps getting better and that’s because of all of you. My deepest bows of gratitude to each and every one of you for trusting me and believing in me.

To my clients of this next year: Thank You for choosing me out of all of the super talented photographers in this great city. I have so many wonderful and beautiful things in store for you, and this goes to the clients that haven’t even booked me yet this year too. My heart and mind is just bursting with ideas and I’m so excited to share all of them with you! We are going to have one hell of a fine year that will continue the message I’ve shared since the very beginning of my business: love, empowerment, courage, strength, support and confidence…with a ginormous dose of power, sexy and just plain kicking ass.

Thank you to this past year for all of the learning, growing, mistakes, fun and successes. Thank you to this next year for all of the future learning, growing, mistakes, fun and successes. May this year outshine the last one in love and light.



Makeover by At Home Beauty.

Traveling Boudoir Photographer and Instructor. Will Shoot and Teach for Designer Anything.

Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-22OK. Not really. But did you know that I travel for shoots and boudoir/beauty/portrait photography teaching now? A while back I tossed out a thing on Facebook and Instagram that I was opening sessions for 2 days in Philly and 3 days in Palm Springs, CA and to my utter delight and total surprise, I filled both destinations. Before that I got a request to teach at a workshop next year for fashion and beauty photography, and accepted (more on that coming in November).

I never really considered traveling for shoots or to teach workshops before this year simply because I have a wonderful studio, a beautiful daughter at home I’m kinda addicted to and honestly, when I think about it, I never thought people would book.

But…I guess that’s changing. So, if you can get a minimum of 5 women together I will pretty much travel anywhere in the world for shoots and for workshops. No joke. Any excuse to travel and shoot or teach is a good enough one for me.

And there’s a bonus with the workshops: my brilliant photographer/cinematographer husband will be traveling with me to teach DSLR 101, which he’s been doing in Pittsburgh for years. My side of the workshops will focus on posing, light, wardrobe, equipment, marketing, customer service and retouching (and I’m sure a bunch of other stuff I’ll toss in there as well), but John will focus on the basics of DSLRs.

AND if THAT’S not enough! If you happen to be a photographer that works with hair and makeup stylists, or if you’re a stylist that wants to learn how to style hair and makeup specifically for boudoir, fashion, editorial-style shoots, style wardrobe, and assist in shoots then let me know. My awesome, super-talented stylist, Lee Ann from At Home Beauty will travel with me when requested. Lee Ann is licensed in both hair and makeup styling and got her start in NYC. She has worked with some of the New York’s top fashion photographers and I’m l’m lucky enough to have her working with me and my clients.

Who knew? Me…a traveling photographer and teacher. *shrugs shoulders* Good things are a-coming…Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-28Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-27Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-23Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-25Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-20
Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-26Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-24Makeover by Aleksandra Ambrozy.