Pittsburgh Engagement Photography | Station Square | Jannell & Brian

Seems lately Station Square is a very popular spot for photography and it’s easy to imagine why: city backdrop, tons of colors, families enjoying the scenery and lots of fun areas to be creative with photos. We were thrilled when Jannell & Brian chose to have their Engagement Session in Station Square. This was a particularly special location for Jannell & Brian because this is where they got engaged. C’mon…give me a good ‘ol “aawwwwwwwww”. 😉

These were my fave 3 so far and I wanted to share them with you.

This one looked so retro to me! John had this fantastic idea after he discovered a photobooth in the Bessamer Court area. I thought it was adorable!

I soooo loved the empty space in this photo. I was shooting thru something and it gave this natural black area around Jannell & Brian. Love.

And I know feet have been done, done, and done again but I couldn’t help posting this one. It looks like the perfect postcard to me!

Pittsburgh Engagement Photographers | Mellon Park | Gina & Brian

So I know you all remember Gina & Brian from my sneak peek post last week. 😉 Well here is the 2nd post of 3 more to come! As I said before, this shoot was very elaborate (my fave) and there is so much to show you. The colors, the flowers, the food, the scrumptious details…ai yai yai…I could go on for days….*sigh*….oh how it was so….romantical.

So this post is all about the first set designed by Jody Wimer of JPC Event Group (brilliant, genius, talented designer extraordinaire…amongst a host of other hats she wears in her company). This was probably my favorite set. I loved the intimacy of the bistro set along with the quaint beverages, cups and food. The mirror and picture frames really rounded out the look (and don’tcha just wanna run off with that gorgeous vintage overlay on the table??) Also mixed in here is the beginning of the shoot, which entailed us just walking around Mellon Park getting some laid-back photos of Gina & Brian just hanging out together. You’ll see in one of the collages below 2 photos from the herb garden at the park. I didn’t know all this time, in my fave of fave places to photograph, that there was this absolutely adorable herb garden nestled in a little nook! It was absolutely lovely! I want to put on a sundress, wear a big floppy hat and walk barefoot thru this thing while swinging a picnic basket and singing Paul McCartney’s “English Tea“…every day. Oh! And with birds on my shoulder and squirrels and bunnies following me with big goofy grins. Hmm. Did I just say all that out loud? Um. YEAH!!! 😉

So enjoy!

More coming soon!

Engagement Photography | Mellon Park | Gina & Brian

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow (repeat to infinity) do I have a sneak peek for you! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Engagement Sessions are becoming quite the rave lately and not only that, but they are becoming much bigger productions than they ever used to be (insert me giggling with glee and delight here). So knowing how excited I was to work with Gina & Brian, my wheels started turning (insert dark, mischievous music here) and the ideas started flowing. And then I had the BEST idea ever: I contacted my friend and peer Jody, owner of JPC Event Group.

Jody is an AMAZING…um…well…everything! She bakes, cooks, plans, designs…and anything else you can think of that goes into a wedding day, she’s your gal. So Jody came up with three, YES THREE!!!!! set designs for Gina & Brian’s Engagement Session. We met Jody and her family (aka, staff) at Mellon Park today and I was simply overwhelmed with how much Jody put into this. I.was.thrilled. We had a shabby chic set, a vintage set and a more modern set. The details that Jody put into every set was just incredible. I had a field day.

So here are just a few photos from our evening. There is so much to share but I wanted to at least start with some photos that would give you a feel for the session….

Yes. These are frangipane mini pies. How adorable! And soooo yummy (I stole one after the shoot…so worth it).

Have you ever seen berries look this good??

And meet Gina & Brian! Aren’t they adorable?? Not only were they so much fun to photograph but they also had a natural chemistry that made this session so easy for me.

Tickle me pink just look at this photo. Ai yai yai…so sweet.

I just loved this photo and had to throw it in.

How sweet is this?? Gina & Brian are really into photography so Gina brought along her Polaroid camera. I just couldn’t pass this photo up.

Gotta love Polaroid cameras!!

As soon as I saw this B and G I thought, “How adorable! Bride and Groom!” When Gina & Brian saw the G and B they thought, “How adorable! They brought letters for each of our names!” 🙂 So I had Brian hold onto the B and Gina hold onto the G. So convenient that their names begin with the same letters as Bride and Groom! 🙂

Pittsburgh Engagement Photography | The Strip District | Lauren & Nick

So I know you have met Lauren & Nick from a previous post I put up but I wanted to post another. The first showed how much fun Lauren & Nick were on their Engagement Session but this one shows a little bit more of their softer side for each other. So many sweet moments.

Since it was the day of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade there were a lot of festivities going on in the Strip. Notice the photo in the upper right hand corner….we had a group of fun partiers on the balcony of Roland’s shooting off confetti so we had to take advantage of it. And how sweet is the photo with the Primanti Brothers sign all lit up?? Lauren & Nick met at Primantis so we thought it was only fitting to capture something colorful there. The manager allowed them to go behind the bar for this shot. And also make sure to check out the graffiti we added to the window in the lower right hand photo….L + N….how cutie patootie! 😉