Hooking Up in the Boudoir

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-01Yesssssss…..I totally hooked up you guys….and I had the best time of my life. It was incredible, eye-popping and oh so fantasmic. Who, you ask? Well, I hooked up with Pittsburgh’s finest vendors to bring you this tiny sneak peek.


But seriously, this was one of those days that I thank my lucky stars for people that support my crazy ideas. I had an idea, reached out to a bunch of awesome people that do a bunch of awesome things in Pittsburgh, and for some reason they allowed me to beg, borrow and steal their talents. This still amazes me.

Two shoots, 2 muses, 1 hair and makeup stylist, 1 luxury retail store, 1 vintage furniture rental company, 1 florist, 2 incredible locations in 1 building, 1 cinematographer, 1 super awesome assistant…..and some absolutely incredible photographs to prove we actually had the day we all thought we had.

This is just a sneak peek and there is so much more to come. Don’t forget to click on the cool behind the scenes film…what a day….

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU (to infinity) At Home Beauty, Maelissa Gould, Luna Boutique, Old Souls Vintage Rentals, Karrie Hlista Designs, Daisy Munoz, Ashleigh Mitchell Calvert and Hip at the Flashlight Factory. I am grateful beyond compare for your generosity and for allowing me to borrow your incredible talents.Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-06Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-05

Lace overlay: Yolan Cris
Shoes: Prada
Earrings: Tory Burch
Bracelet: Alexander McQueen
Bra/panty/socks: Studio wardrobe

Let Your Hair Down

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-27-2That’s about what it feels like once you get over the nerves….comfortable, relaxed, yet oh-so-powerful. The first outfit is always the hardest. The second I watch them stretch out a bit. By the third they feel like they could keep doing this all day….and the fourth? Well, let’s just say that gal is a whole heck of a lot different than the gal in that first outfit….

“He is NEVER going to believe I did this!”, as she looks at the back of my camera. “He’s going to be sooooo shocked!” This beautiful woman let her hair down for a gift for her groom. I think that will qualify her for Best Wife of the Year Award…but I’m biased.

When you’re ready to pull that ponytail out, I’ll be here.Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-26-2Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-28-2Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-25-2Makeover by At Home Beauty.

The Southern Way

Bridal Boudoir Portraits-3Did you know that it’s a big tradition in the south to go in ahead of your wedding for bridal portraits in your big, gorgeous gown? I have no idea why in the world this awesome tradition didn’t span past the Mason Dixon, but I’m thinking we northerners need to adapt.

You toil over it, you work out for it, you research it, you get all googly-eyed over it, you make gaggles of women road trip with you to pick it out, you lose sleep over it and then….you wear it, for reals. You shine, you twirl, you’re ooooohed and awwwwwwed over it, you’re a princes for a day in it. Then you put it away. For life.

Yeah. That sucks.

Or, you know…come see me and have the time of your life, an experience of a lifetime, be a model for a day, glam yourself out to the max and have gorgeous photographic proof of your all-encompassing, world-renowned, jaw-dropping beauty.

Just sayin’….. Bridal Boudoir Portraits-5Bridal Boudoir Portraits-4Bridal Boudoir Portraits-1Bridal Boudoir Portraits-2Makeover by Hannah Conrad.

Dress: Sottero and Midgley.

The Hopeless Romantic

Romantic Bridal Boudoir Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-11Aren’t we all? I’m a total hopeless romantic and proud of it. I believe in being swept off your feet, flowers for no reason and celebrating each other in every way possible.

I hope one thing you can see in my work is romance. In boudoir photography, there is a fine line between sexual and sensual. I like to tip onto the sensual side because I think it’s so much more elegant and alluring, at least that’s my hope. When I talk to my clients about wardrobe I always push them to do something more romantic for one outfit because that’s where I can create timeless photos that will be relevant no matter what decade you look at them.

Timelessness and elegance are 2 of my favorite words. I want that in the photos of my clients. This beautiful woman you see here allowed me to bring out so many different sides of her and this was one of my favorites. The softness here just melts me into a puddle of sugar.

We pushed the boundaries a bit later, and I can’t wait to show those to you…she really let her walls crumble for me and her ability and ease with her own vulnerability made this one of my favorite sessions. Not only does that mean that she will walk away with beautiful photos, but it makes me feel so honored because that also means she trusted me, and that’s no small task. She had never met me in person before her session and to stand in front of me and my camera and give me everything she had took courage.

I’ll take your courage and vulnerability as a gift to me. My gift to you is timelessness and elegance.Romantic Bridal Boudoir Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-1Romantic Bridal Boudoir Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-10Romantic Bridal Boudoir Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-9Romantic Bridal Boudoir Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-7Romantic Bridal Boudoir Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-14Romantic Bridal Boudoir Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-2Romantic Bridal Boudoir Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-4Romantic Bridal Boudoir Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-3Romantic Bridal Boudoir Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-12Romantic Bridal Boudoir Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-5Romantic Bridal Boudoir Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-13Romantic Bridal Boudoir Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-8Romantic Bridal Boudoir Photos | Elizabeth Craig Photography-6Makeover by At Home Beauty
Lace robe by Jonquil
Blue heels by Manolo Blahnik