Boudoir Photography Workshop Wrap-Up

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography Workshop -2So happy to finally be able to give you my Boudoir Photography Workshop wrap-up from my time in Estes Park, CO!

So let me say this: it was awesome. I think what I loved most about being a part of the Photo Rehab 2018 Workshop was that it was immersive. There was no separation from the instructors and the attendees and we all spent all of our time together. Does that sound weird? It shouldn’t; being able to have total access to everyone at pretty much anytime was seriously cool. I had so much fun teaching and getting to know everyone there. Also–there were 8 of us there, all teaching something different. Talk about getting some bang for your buck!

I had the pleasure of teaching a live┬áposing workshop, providing two muses for the attendees to photograph. Krystle Coll flew all the way out from Pittsburgh to help me out with that and Paige Joelson drove 2 hours for her part as well. I can’t thank either one of them enough for agreeing to lay around half naked and let 20 people photograph them. And a GIANT thank you to Evans Stowers for the incredible hairstyling and Sameera Ahmed for the killer makeup on both muses. Thank you both for bringing it all to life for me! I rounded it all out with a styled shoot of Krystle, and invited all of the attendees to come and photograph if they wanted to. Take a peek at the film. It’s a good recap of our time there (plus you’ll get to see our special guest, Sven the Elk, make his debut).

Special thanks to Chad Braithwaite, the organizer and grand poobah of the event. I’m not typically a kumbaya kinda gal, but this was absolutely wonderful.

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography Workshop -1Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography Workshop -5Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography Workshop -6Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography Workshop -4Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography Workshop -3

Join Me Live TODAY!!

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Searching for Gold in Colorado

Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot | Elizabeth Craig Photography-1….and I found it.

I’m going to toss this blog post up before my biggie big post (with video and everything!) just to give you a wee taste of what Colorado was like for us. If you remember, I was invited to Photo Rehab 2018 to instruct on 2 classes: Boudoir Flow Posing and Nailing In-Person Sales, while John came to film and also fill in some of the teaching gaps, along with Ms. Lola Gilbert (if you haven’t heard yet, we 3 make up the team that runs and operates Elizabeth Craig Education).

I’ll tell you more about my time in CO soon, but for now I wanted to highlight this awesome shoot I was able to put together as a bonus for the attendees. If you don’t recognize that fab glam model, it’s Krystle Coll from Adventuring with the Colls and Juniper and Krystles. Yes! She and her sexy husband, Edward, flew out to CO so that Krystle could be a model in my posing class, as well as this hot as hell shoot (hot as in sexy, not temperature…it as DAMN COLD!) I was THRILLED to be able to offer this to the attendees because, well….LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS!! Who WOULDN’T want some of these to toss into their portfolio?!?

BIG GIANT THANK YOU to Krystle for braving the crowd and cold. Sameera for the INCREDIBLE makeup and Evan for KILLING IT SO MUCH on the hair. You 2 blew me away!

It was a magical experience. I had the time of my life. There were huge Elk. The mountains were mystical. More to come.Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot | Elizabeth Craig Photography-3Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot | Elizabeth Craig Photography-4Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot | Elizabeth Craig Photography-2Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot | Elizabeth Craig Photography-6Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot | Elizabeth Craig Photography-7Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot | Elizabeth Craig Photography-5Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot | Elizabeth Craig Photography-8