Sometimes I forget…

Elizabeth Craig Photography Boudoir Photography-8-2…who I serve in this career and why I do what I do. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s not about money or stuff; it really is about providing a safe space for self-discovery.

I love what I do and don’t get me wrong, I realize how incredibly blessed I am that I am one of the few that gets to do what I love for a living and be able to support my family with it. But even if I couldn’t make money off of it….it’s just SO fulfilling!

“Oh my gosh! I’ve never even thought of myself like that! I can’t believe that’s me!”

“That doesn’t look like me! I mean, it does but….I’ve just never imagined I could look like that!”

“I needed this. I’ve had such an awful year and this is exactly what I needed. Thank you.”

“I just feel so….sexy!”

“I had no idea I had this in me. I mean, I wanted to believe I did, but I just had no idea!”

“At a time when my heart has been broken and belief in myself has been so tested, you brought me right back.”

“I can’t thank you enough for making me feel so powerful. I read your reviews and your posts and I read what other women said. I’m just so thankful to now be one of those women thanking you for making me see a side of myself I didn’t know I had.”

THIS is why. And my cup runneth over….Elizabeth Craig Photography Boudoir Photography-8Elizabeth Craig Photography Boudoir Photography-11Elizabeth Craig Photography Boudoir Photography-12Elizabeth Craig Photography Boudoir Photography-13Elizabeth Craig Photography Boudoir Photography-9Elizabeth Craig Photography Boudoir Photography-10Makeover by At Home Beauty.

Ohhhh To Be 21 Again…

21st Birthday | Elizabeth Craig Photography-4I’m not sure I would want to go back, but I do love watching young women come into their own when they hit their 20’s. Searching for independence, still not sure what to do with their lives, falling in and out of love…a lot. I do miss that take-no-prisoners, I-can-do-anything, grab-life-by-the-tata’s attitude (though I still have quite a lot of that in me).

For Sam’s 21st, her mom bought her a session with me. Mom was a previous client of mine, so she knew what a fun day this would be. We glammed, we primped, we pampered, we kicked hips out, we ooooooooozed attitude. All as it should be.

What I’m most thrilled with is that Sam will have these photos forever, to always look back on and remember her 21st. Now all she needs to do is follow this up with a trip to Vegas…21st complete. Hahahaha…call me, Sam…Vegas is calling me too.

This is just a little sneak peek. I’ll be back with lots more…21st Birthday | Elizabeth Craig Photography-121st Birthday | Elizabeth Craig Photography-221st Birthday | Elizabeth Craig Photography-3Makeover by At Home Beauty.


Not Your Typical 21st Birthday…

Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-6I don’t know if you remember your 21st birthday, but can I tell you that it looked absolutely nothing like Moriah’s? I’m sure you have certain ideas in your head about what mine looked like, and I bet those images look pretty similar to yours.

Can I also tell you that I think Moriah is one smart cookie?

She decided to ring in her 21st birthday with a legacy photo session with me to commemorate such a big milestone in her life. I mean….wow…I just…what an incredibly mature, fun and super duper brilliant decision to make!

These photos are just from one set. I’ll be blogging the rest in time but isn’t she just simply beautiful?? Thanks, Moriah, for spending such an important day with me, and for recognizing that creating something beautiful for yourself is far more fun and important than…you know…the way most spend that birthday. Well done.Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-2Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-4Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-5Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-1Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-3Makeover by At Home Beauty.


Two Things You Should Know About Her

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-1-3Number one: she didn’t want to look too young in her photos. Number two: she wanted to feel sexy.

Mission. Accomplished. And let me be clear: this was the sweetest of the 4 sets we did. You should see the rest….WOOOOO! She really killed it! But for now, you get the girl next door.

That outfit you see was from my studio (shirt from a thrift store, undies from an Etsy store) and I wasn’t sure if she was going to go for it. When she sent photos of herself to me (yes, I ask my clients to do this for the very reason I’m about to explain…) I instantly picked up a 70’s/Free People vibe. Being a visual person (obviously) I like to see photos of my clients ahead of time because most of the time I can immediately get a feel for what direction I want to go. When I showed her the outfit, to my delight, she loved it as much as I did. Game on.

When she came into my studio she was a serious bundle of nerves, you guys. I mean…I thought at one point I could even see her shaking, no joke. I told her: “It’s ok to be nervous. You’re only nervous because you don’t know what to expect and you’re unsure if you’ve got what it takes to get the photos you want. About 10 minutes into your session you will know exactly what to expect AND you will see that you’ve definitely got what it takes. The rest of your session will not only be a breeze, but you will actually LOVE it. And you’re unsure if what I’m saying right now is really the truth. Every woman wants to believe me when I say this, but they’re just not convinced…until they are. I’ve been doing this long enough to know what you don’t know yet. You got this.”

Guess what…yep. She loved it. No wait….she looooooooooooooved it! This gal went from hunching her back and raising her shoulders into her chin, to flat out, take no prisoners, full on goddess, and yes, within 10 minutes of photographing.

Told ya so.Philadelphia Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-3Philadelphia Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-2Boudoir Photographer Pittsburgh-1-2Makeover by At Home Beauty

She Almost Canceled… Maternity Photography

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-1And not for the reasons you may think: feeling lousy during the latter part of her pregnancy. Feeling too nervous and just can’t see it through. Feeling overwhelmed with getting ready for this bump to become an actual, real, life-sucking pooping machine…

No. Her reasoning was very real and I could not give her more of a standing ovation for not only keeping this session, but for rallying and digging into all her female reserves of strength (and we ladies know how deep that runs…especially when it comes to our littles). I won’t tell her complete reasoning; that is a story for her to tell. I will just say that sometimes creating life doesn’t always go the way you expect it to. I will also tell you that her baby is healthy, strong and a fighter, just like her mama.

So she almost canceled, but she didn’t. No matter what, she wanted to not only celebrate this incredible big life inside of her, but also herself. Getting pregnant, carrying a baby, delivering a baby…it happens everyday and multiple times a day all over the world. That’s an amazing thing in and of itself. However, it also has this weird side effect of desensitizing the actual and total miracle of one body being able to completely grow another human being in their own body for 9 months, not to mention the ability to actually sustain that human being on a substance from her own body for an entire year (or more) after giving birth to that bump! We take it for granted, but when you really think about it…it’s just the most incredible act of kindness…like…you know…ever. That is no small task and that task should be celebrated to its full on maximum level of celebration.

Your celebration may be different from hers. But it was important to her and her family that she not only have a day all for herself (which most women don’t get, let alone to-be mamas), capture herself in her beautiful pregnant form and create a memory that will out live her own miracle body.

I am so grateful that you chose me to be a small part of this time in your life. And I’m deeply humbled for it too. Thank You, A.

So, I say thank you to this woman that found a strength in herself I bet she didn’t even know she had. Thank you for celebrating such a momentous part of your life with me. You may have been handed a struggle you did not see coming, but the grace, love and courage you have shown only proves what I’m sure you already knew: what a good mama you are. You’re so ready for this.

All my mamas out there creating life as we speak: we belly bump you today! March on sisters!Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-2Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-3Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-4Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-5Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-6Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-7Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-8Makeover by Aleksandra Ambrozy.