Confessions of a Traveling Photographer

On-Location Boudoir Fashion Photographer-15My confession is this: I LOVE TRAVELING FOR SHOOTS!

I simply can’t begin to tell you how much fun this all was and there are so many reasons. The location was phenomenal and I don’t just mean the desert. It didn’t take long for me to come across this Airbnb and BAM! The inspiration for every single shoot fell into place for every single gal that came to me for a shoot. I had one gal that was a bit more demure and elegant. Another that was my glamazon goddess (who could THAT be??), another that was my bohemian gal. Then there was my casual upbeat-girl-next-door. My final gal in the desert was my retro beauty and I also had one hell of a fierce shoot on the resort grounds where I was staying.

But my my my…this east coast girl fell in love with the west coast and those beautiful mountains, deserts and blue skies. I also loved the fact that not one woman I photographed even knew what they were wearing until they showed up for their shoots. I sewed, shopped, plotted and MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! It fell together so easily. I also got full creative control over absolutely everything: location, styling, wardrobe, hair and makeup styling (collaborated with Lee Ann for this of course) and it was so fabulous. Every single lady I photographed allowed themselves to just be putty in my hands and it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had shooting.

So much fun that I’m now looking to do it more often. I’m considering a Denver run the first few days of November (yes…in just a few weeks) so we’ll see if I get any interest. If you’re not in Pittsburgh and want a shoot, I’m just an email away. If you can get at least 4 women in, I’m in. Or, if you are in Pittsburgh, but always dreamed of being photographed in (insert location here) let me know. There really aren’t many places I won’t go for a fun shoot!

So so so much more to come!On-Location Boudoir Fashion Photographer-19On-Location Boudoir Fashion Photographer-17On-Location Boudoir Fashion Photographer-16On-Location Boudoir Fashion Photographer-18
Hair and makeup by At Home Beauty.

Oh the Places You’ll Go… Pittsburgh High School Senior Photography

Pittsburgh High School Seniors Photos-5I always love when I get a chance to photograph a high school senior. I don’t get to do it very often, but when I do it’s so much fun. I love hearing all about what they’re into at school, what their plans are after graduation….it’s an exciting time and it takes me back to my own days of school spirit, big hair, working till my fingers bled, late nights with friends and dreaming of future fun. Good times…good times.

Lucy was a very sweet, very easy going kinda gal. When her mom contacted me for photos I said “Well, just so you know…I photograph people. I don’t really do varsity jackets, pom poms and big signs with the year of graduation.” She said, “I know, that’s why Lucy wants you.” Ahhhhh… to my ears.

So we played with wardrobe till we came up with some really fun stuff, got Lucy in Lee Ann’s chair and then just had the time of our lives. Do you see that hair?? Oooooooh THAT HAIR!!!!

I could photograph this girl with that hair till I die.

Stay tuned for a few more outfits!Pittsburgh High School Seniors Photos-2Pittsburgh High School Seniors Photos-4Pittsburgh High School Seniors Photos-3Pittsburgh High School Seniors Photos-1Pittsburgh High School Seniors Photos-6Makeover by At Home Beauty.

The Girl Next Door, A Victoria Secrets Bombshell and a Nudist Walk into a Bar…

Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-13Oh…wait…no, I got that wrong…they all walked into my studio, except…they were all one woman.

But by the looks of these photos, I could probably get away with convincing you of that. Can I let you in on a secret: I LOVE that element to my sessions. It’s not even a question anymore. How many sides of yourself can we bring out in a session? We just do it. Honestly…we don’t even ask anymore. We just do it.

My goal is to drawwwwwwww each of those sides of yourself out of you. I’ve gotten the raised eyebrows that accompany the “Well…I don’t know about this…but I guess if you say so…” look in the eyes. I ignore them. Actually, I take that back. I take that as a challenge. And when I get the follow up “HOLY SHIT ON A STICK” look when they see what they look like in the photographs…well…I’m sure you can guess my internal thoughts at the moment.

We start easy. Natural, mostly clothed. I like to keep you as you see yourself daily (just a notch better) so that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Then we push. We get a bit more seductive. We let the hair down and pump up the volume a bit, maybe add a bit of smoke to those eyes. Then we really get the garters out. That’s when you’re realllllly ready to start killing it. That girl next door turned into the bombshell in one glance and then those hips start kickin’. And lastly, we round it out with a bit of art. That can be nudes or a more editorial style. Whatever it is, by then you’re a pro and wondering why you didn’t do this years ago, all while planning your next session with me because NOW you know what to expect. NOW you know you can do it. NOW you know you are one, hot, passionate, gorgeous badass.

The girl next door, a Victoria Secrets bombshell and a nudist walk out of my studio…

The End (ahem…I mean…The Beginning).Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-1Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-4Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-2Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-3Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-5Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-6Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-10Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-12Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-14Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-11Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-9Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-8Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer-7Makeover by At Home Beauty
White bodysuit and black lingerie outfit by Victoria’s Secret
White undies by Calvin Klein
Tank by Forever 21
Skin by…you know…Mother Nature

Permission ~ Beauty Photography

Pittsburgh Portrait Fashion Beauty Photographer-1-2It’s a word that we use all the time, even when we don’t use that particular word. “Yes.” That is another word that can be used for permission.

And you know what? I give you permission to say yes…to yourself.

Do you think that’s silly?? Sometimes we actually need someone to tell us to give ourselves a break; to allow ourselves a moments peace, within. Doesn’t sound so silly anymore, huh?

And so that is what I wanted for Mae. She had been banging around the idea of being photographed by me for quite a while. We talked about it a year or 2 ago. She scheduled, eventually, but I knew she wasn’t ready. I told her we should put it off, she agreed. She needed space in her head. She had gone through a hard time and wasn’t exactly feeling her best, inside or out. I so badly wanted this session to be a kickstarter for her; that kick in the pants that is a blinding reminder of how beautiful she really is, inside and out. We rescheduled. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her.

I wanted her to literally look like a famous person. I wanted her to look like the 6′ glamazon she is. I wanted her to embrace every inch of herself, her curves, her height, her hair. Oh yeah….the hair. Can you believe, Mae wears her hair straight. Everyday. Oh no no no no no no. I asked her “how do you feel about an afro?” Ummmm…..ahem. But she trusted me. And she trusted Lee Ann to deliver the kind of ‘fro that would make her feel and look like the incredible woman she is.

We showed her what she looked like after her transformation, and she just could not believe it. We were in business. I took her back and got her AMAZING Monse blazer on her…and oh my gosh…you guys…no joke…I saw her on the cover of Vogue.

She sashayed out to show Lee Ann her gorgeous self, and the magic began. Funny–when I talked to Mae about how to let go in front of the camera, she got all nervous. But then, she was in an oversized t-shirt, no hair done, no makeup on at that moment. But, good golly miss Molly…once she was glammed from head to toe…well, let’s just say coaching was pretty easy for me.

I was thrilled to be invited into this home to photograph Mae. It was PERFECT for what we were going for. ¬†Do you agree?? When I showed her the first few frames of photos she ¬†shrieked “Oh my gosh!! Is that ME?!?”

Yes, my amazing, incredible, smart, savvy, sexy, independent, kind and brilliant 6′ glamazon: this is you.Pittsburgh Portrait Fashion Beauty Photographer-4Pittsburgh Portrait Fashion Beauty Photographer-2-2Pittsburgh Portrait Fashion Beauty Photographer-2Pittsburgh Portrait Fashion Beauty Photographer-5Pittsburgh Portrait Fashion Beauty Photographer-6Absolutely stunning makeover by At Home Beauty.
Bangin’ tux jacket by Monse.
Those jaw-dropping heels by Manolo Blahnik.

A Little Lace…

Boudoir Photographer in Pittsburgh-3…to brighten your day. I LOVED this robe as soon as she showed it to me. Soft, romantic…and loowwwwww light. That’s how I saw it immediately. I had the hardest time choosing between black and white and color for today’s post. But then, that’s when you know it really doesn’t matter which I uploaded.

We moved on from this…a bit of seduction, a bit of bombshell, but this was my favorite set.

Always a sucker for romance…Boudoir Photographer in Pittsburgh-2Boudoir Photographer in Pittsburgh-4Boudoir Photographer in Pittsburgh-1Makeover by At Home Beauty.