Not Your Typical 21st Birthday…

Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-6I don’t know if you remember your 21st birthday, but can I tell you that it looked absolutely nothing like Moriah’s? I’m sure you have certain ideas in your head about what mine looked like, and I bet those images look pretty similar to yours.

Can I also tell you that I think Moriah is one smart cookie?

She decided to ring in her 21st birthday with a legacy photo session with me to commemorate such a big milestone in her life. I mean….wow…I just…what an incredibly mature, fun and super duper brilliant decision to make!

These photos are just from one set. I’ll be blogging the rest in time but isn’t she just simply beautiful?? Thanks, Moriah, for spending such an important day with me, and for recognizing that creating something beautiful for yourself is far more fun and important than…you know…the way most spend that birthday. Well done.Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-2Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-4Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-5Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-1Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-3Makeover by At Home Beauty.