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  1. Hello,

    I just love the images from Abby & Jesseโ€™s Engagement & Wedding Inspiration Session. I feel like Abby and I could be friends, we have such similar asethics! Everything is so elaborate and beautiful! I will be getting married near Pittsburgh next year and I am bookmarking all of the vendors you’ve listed in your posts. I have a question that I have to ask—where did she get that beautiful dress???

    Great work and thanks for the inspiration!


  2. I’ve been taking pictures for the past 20yrs and decided to open up, let the creativity flow and take it to the next level. I search google and happend upon your site. I absolutely LOVE your pictures. The colors and the eye you have is magnificent. I hope one day I can sit on your level of art. Thank you for showing me how beautiful the simplest things can be, Thanks, Elle

  3. Elizabeth,

    I am eager to talk with you. Your pictures are lovely. My fiance and I just got engaged….after meeting in Las Vegas two years ago. He was born and raised here…and Im a southern girl from NC. Your pics captured me. We are tying the knot where it all began (Las Vegas) in April. We are eager to get some shots of this special time….and a unique save the date ecard. Lets chat…feel free to message me on facebook to get things rolling.


  4. Wonderful pictures! I absolutely love them! When the hubby and I renew.. I think I will PAY the extra for this talent to come to the Gulf Coast. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi Elizabeth! I just wanted to say Thank you for doing such an awesome job at Karen and Matt’s wedding in Johnstown this past weekend. We had so much fun and you took such neat shots, I can’t WAIT to see the pictures!!! Thank you for making their day so special…I know Karen is so excited that you captured their day!!
    Jill LIng (Karen’s sister)

    1. Hello Jill! What an amazing day, huh?? You can’t believe how thrilled we were to be a part of it. We feel like part of the family by now! ๐Ÿ™‚ The day was truly lovely, sweet and so filled with love. It was a joy to see your family together, enjoying each other and the day. It was very touching. I’m editing the photos now! They’re on their way and looking good!

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