Marissa & Michael | Married

Capital Theater Weddings WV-36Take your time and peruse all this goopy love. We had such a lovely day with Marissa & Michael. No tears, but lots of laughs and a bit of chaos thrown in for good measure.

Can you believe this reception took place at a hockey arena?? Only Marissa & Michael would think of that, and if you didn’t see that big photo you’d never know it. So beautifully decorated!!Capital Theater Weddings WV-1Capital Theater Weddings WV-2Capital Theater Weddings WV-3Capital Theater Weddings WV-4Capital Theater Weddings WV-5Capital Theater Weddings WV-6Capital Theater Weddings WV-7Capital Theater Weddings WV-8Capital Theater Weddings WV-9Capital Theater Weddings WV-10Capital Theater Weddings WV-11Capital Theater Weddings WV-12Capital Theater Weddings WV-13Capital Theater Weddings WV-15Capital Theater Weddings WV-14Capital Theater Weddings WV-16Capital Theater Weddings WV-17Capital Theater Weddings WV-18Capital Theater Weddings WV-20Capital Theater Weddings WV-21Capital Theater Weddings WV-22Capital Theater Weddings WV-25Capital Theater Weddings WV-26Capital Theater Weddings WV-27Capital Theater Weddings WV-28Capital Theater Weddings WV-29Capital Theater Weddings WV-31Capital Theater Weddings WV-32Capital Theater Weddings WV-30Capital Theater Weddings WV-33Capital Theater Weddings WV-34Capital Theater Weddings WV-35Capital Theater Weddings WV-41Capital Theater Weddings WV-40Capital Theater Weddings WV-42Capital Theater Weddings WV-43Capital Theater Weddings WV-44Capital Theater Weddings WV-45Capital Theater Weddings WV-46Capital Theater Weddings WV-47Capital Theater Weddings WV-48Capital Theater Weddings WV-49Capital Theater Weddings WV-50Capital Theater Weddings WV-51Capital Theater Weddings WV-52Capital Theater Weddings WV-53

Catering: Generations
Decor: SmashWeddings
Chairs: All Occasions
Hair and makeup styling: At Home Beauty
Videographer: Just Hitched Wedding Films

Marissa & Michael | Married | Sneak Peek!

Capital Theater WV Weddings-ExposureLet me just start off by saying how much I totally dig this couple. So down to earth, so laid back…both of them together, and individually, are just the most awesomest people, ever.

Ok–now that that has been said, let me now say how much FUN we had at this wedding. As I mentioned above, Marrisa & Michael are so laid back and WOW did that make for such an enjoyable day. There was never a moment that I didn’t see a smile plastered on both of their faces and also surrounded by so many close friends and family.

It was a day of never-ending celebration…just the way I like it.

More to come!

Alexandra & Anthony | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Omni William Penn Weddings | Pittsburgh-1She hated getting her photo taken, but the camera loves her so much more than she knows. She breezed through the day like she was a pro. She would smile at everyone that came into her path, but you should’ve seen what that same smile looked like when she looked at him. He had a gentleness to him that any woman could appreciate. He guided her through the day with the ease of a man that instinctively puts her first, every time. When she wasn’t next to him, he looked around to see where she was till he found her.

You’ll see all of this in the photos soon to come. For now, you’ll just have to trust me that although this was a huge day and a huge wedding, this couple, their families and their huge gathering of friends made it seem like this was the smallest, most intimate, close-knit gathering you could imagine. So much love all packed into one day…

Pink Champagne Gala to Benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation

champagnegalaOK ladies (and even gentlemen)! Get out your most sparkliest, most gorgeous or most outrageous pink everything and come get pink with me for a good cause!

Myself and my gal pal, Raemie Bachman, are throwing the PINKEST fashion event in Pittsburgh this year! Yes, I said it. PINK FASHION EVENT!

Ladies: you’re welcome.

As you can see in the flyer above, pink is our thing for this event, which makes sense because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Talk about a great way to fit in a magnificent party right before all the holidays start!

Yes, you must be wearing pink to gain entrance, in addition to paying the donation. And here’s a tip: the more pink you wear in one shade of pink the more of a chance you have to win one of our 2 grand prizes: a 7-night hotel stay from Raemie Bachman Realtor, or a glamorous photo shoot with moi. So we are talking about a monochromatic pink party! Selfishly, I can’t WAIT to get a photo of this crowd!

Can’t get on board with dying your hair pink? That’s ok–wear as much pink as you can and we’ll let you in anyway.

You in? Awesome, but there are only 50 tickets on sale because of space limitations and, due to an email blast for the ladies on my email list, quite a few have already been purchased.

OK, OK, OK already…go HERE to get your tickets.

So come get pink with me! I’ll be easy to spot: I’ll be the one in pink.

See you there!

Barbara & Andrew | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-33This was one big house full of LOVE, you guys. Oh my goodness. I don’t even have to say much because you can see all of the gushing sweetness from these photos. But I will say this: never underestimate your 2nd time around, or a true love that comes later than you expect. These 2 had EIGHT children between them, and you would think that many heartbeats needing a piece of your heart would make your heart that much more unavailable to another, but you’d be wrong; all it did was make those 2 hearts grow even bigger to give away even more love to each other.

Congratulations Barbara & Andrew!!Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-26Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-1Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-2Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-3Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-24Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-4Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-5Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-6Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-7Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-8Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-9Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-10Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-11Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-12Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-13Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-14Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-15Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-25Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-16Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-17Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-18Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-19Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-21Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-22Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-20Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-23Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-27Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-28Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-29Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-30Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-31Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-32Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-34Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-35Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-36
Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-38Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-40Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-37Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-39Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-41Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-42Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-43Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-44Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-45Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-46Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-47Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-48
Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-50Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-51Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-52Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-53Morning Glory Inn Weddings | Pittsburgh-49