Turn Around Twice…

DSC-12…and this is what happens. She’s 12 this month. TWELVE. Lord have mercy…where did the time go??

We decided to ring in the last of her tween years with a little photo shoot and oh my gosh you guys…I had the time of my life. I chose her 3 outfits, which I did damn good and am usually never allowed that privilege. But I kept it 100% her style, which I’m sure added to my success. Truth be told I had a blast coming up with these 3 outfits and they really are just so her.

She was the perfect muse (after having been whipped into shape all these years. That’s what happens when you’re the child of photographers) and I’m so happy to say that she really is so incredibly photogenic.

I’m going to tell you that she is just so sweet, so compassionate, so kind and so intelligent and these things are true. I am so grateful for all of these traits in this little woman, but what I am most entertained by with Ella is her sense of humor. Holy smokes does this girl keep us laughing.

To my wee babe: thanks for all the tears of joy and looking forward to a lifetime of tears of laughter with you.

This is one proud mama. Next up: teens.DSC-3DSC-2DSC-1DSC-5DSC-4DSC-7DSC-10DSC-8DSC-9DSC-13DSC-16DSC-14

Shining a Light on the New Year

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-11What is it about the New Year that brings out so much hope in all of us? For me, I love looking over the previous year and (hopefully) seeing success, then planning for even more of that in the future. And I don’t just mean in the business. First and foremost it’s with my family, then my clients, then my business. I kinda feel like if the home base is strong, I’m doing right by my clients, then the business will just keeps chugging along like it should. That’s the system I’ve used since the beginning, so I suppose if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But I’m so excited to share that not only do I have a few things in the cupboard under lock and key just for a while, but I’m also doing a whole studio makeover. Once I get it done I’ll share it, but let me just say, ladies, if you’re considering some fun in the studio this year is the year.

To my clients of this past year: Thank You for filling my days with so much love, laughter and doggone good fun. Thank You for continuing to help me to keep my studio the safe, supportive, and nurturing bubble I know it to be and for continuing to fill it with your positive energy. I’ve been in this space for 7 years and it just keeps getting better and that’s because of all of you. My deepest bows of gratitude to each and every one of you for trusting me and believing in me.

To my clients of this next year: Thank You for choosing me out of all of the super talented photographers in this great city. I have so many wonderful and beautiful things in store for you, and this goes to the clients that haven’t even booked me yet this year too. My heart and mind is just bursting with ideas and I’m so excited to share all of them with you! We are going to have one hell of a fine year that will continue the message I’ve shared since the very beginning of my business: love, empowerment, courage, strength, support and confidence…with a ginormous dose of power, sexy and just plain kicking ass.

Thank you to this past year for all of the learning, growing, mistakes, fun and successes. Thank you to this next year for all of the future learning, growing, mistakes, fun and successes. May this year outshine the last one in love and light.



Makeover by At Home Beauty.

White Lace & Prada Shoes: Memoirs of a Bride

Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-1Sounds like a pretty cool title for a book, right? Well, I don’t have a book for you to read (you’re welcome), but I do have a story to tell. However, what I LOVE about this story is that it’s told in photographs.

That’s what I loved about this styled shoot; ¬†you can watch the story unfold as you go from one photo to the next. She goes from wedding, to the boudoir, to the honeymoon and all in a few photographs. I can just imagine her day as she pours herself into her wedding dress, then smiles to herself thinking about the outfit she’ll be putting on later that night, and then waking up to excitedly peruse the Honeymoon Itinerary and take it all in.

For this shoot I didn’t want the usual ethereal and romantic. I wanted to go for a bit more outside the box a tiny bit, so that’s why you see these absolutely stunning wardrobe¬†pieces paired with black shoes and accessories. I loved the contrast of it all.

Thank you thank you thank you going out to Luna Boutique for allowing me to borrow the gown and the cape, At Home Beauty for the gorgeous hmua, Daisy for being my lovely muse for the day, Old Souls Vintage Rentals for the stunning couch and chair, Karrie Hlista Designs for the mostest perfect and gorgeous floral designs, and Hip at the Flashlight Factory for allowing us to take over your incredible space (which is for rent for your next event). Thank you for allowing me to have some damn good fun!Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-3Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-2Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-4-2Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-5-2Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-6-2Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-7Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-8Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-9Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-10Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-1-2Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-12Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-13Wedding dress: Yolan Cris
Black booties paired with wedding dress: Badly Mischka
Bracelet: Chan Luu
Lace wedding cape: Yolan Cris
Black heels paired with wedding cape: Prada
Earrings: Tory Burch
Bracelet: Alexander McQueen
White lace jumper: studio wardrobe/vintage
White heels: Guiseppe Zanotti

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Coachella Photographer | Palm Springs | Elizabeth Craig Photography-1That’s what this series reminds me of. Or, Brigitte Bardot on set in a film playing some seemingly damsel in distress before she reveals she’s a badass double agent…or, maybe it reminds me of a lost scene from Mad Men. In any case, it’s freackin’ hot, and I don’t just mean the scorching 116 degree heat that day.

I saw this whole set instantly, with only having a few photos of the airbnb I rented. Sleek, hot, retro, trailer trash, sexy, magazine, story; these were the words I wrote down when I considered my planning. It worked out exactly the way I wanted it to. We had to work quickly (I wasn’t lying about the heat) but this set was like butter; we just slipped right through the poses I had in mind and headed for the air conditioning to get to the next set (red dress, made by me, in the open desert coming soon…)

This is probably one of my favorite sets from Palm Springs. I think the reason is that it tells a story. That story could be any story you make up, but the point is, when you see the photographs, you feel like there is a story about her, and that is what makes me feel like I nailed this one.Coachella Photographer | Palm Springs | Elizabeth Craig Photography-2Coachella Photographer | Palm Springs | Elizabeth Craig Photography-3Coachella Photographer | Palm Springs | Elizabeth Craig Photography-4Coachella Photographer | Palm Springs | Elizabeth Craig Photography-5Coachella Photographer | Palm Springs | Elizabeth Craig Photography-6Coachella Photographer | Palm Springs | Elizabeth Craig Photography-7Coachella Photographer | Palm Springs | Elizabeth Craig Photography-8Makeover by At Home Beauty.


Not Your Typical 21st Birthday…

Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-6I don’t know if you remember your 21st birthday, but can I tell you that it looked absolutely nothing like Moriah’s? I’m sure you have certain ideas in your head about what mine looked like, and I bet those images look pretty similar to yours.

Can I also tell you that I think Moriah is one smart cookie?

She decided to ring in her 21st birthday with a legacy photo session with me to commemorate such a big milestone in her life. I mean….wow…I just…what an incredibly mature, fun and super duper brilliant decision to make!

These photos are just from one set. I’ll be blogging the rest in time but isn’t she just simply beautiful?? Thanks, Moriah, for spending such an important day with me, and for recognizing that creating something beautiful for yourself is far more fun and important than…you know…the way most spend that birthday. Well done.Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-2Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-4Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-5Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-1Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-3Makeover by At Home Beauty.