She Said Yes

Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-20He asked. She said yes. The end beginning.

I LOVE when we get phone calls to photograph surprise proposals. EEEEE!!!! No joke, I can barely sleep the night before. She doesn’t have a clue! He’s probably sweating through his sheets thinking about what’s going down the next day. Will everything go as planned…..will she say….YES??

I like it. I like that more and more guys are understanding the value of photographing such incredible memories like asking the girl you love more than anything else in this world to spend the rest of your life with you. Can you imagine being able to show those photos to your kids? Your grandkids, for goodness sakes??? Talk about valuable. Talk about legacy.

It’s only a moment, really. You ask, she says yes. The moment is over. Or is it? What if you could relive it anytime you wanted to? Hire a photographer and you can. BAM.Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-2Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-3Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-4Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-6Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-7Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-8Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-9Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-10Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-11Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-12Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-13Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-15Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-16Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-17Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-18Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-21Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-19Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-22Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-23Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-24Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-25Pittsburgh Proposal Photography-26

Autumnal Love | Marissa & Michael | Engaged

fall-engagement-photos-pittsburgh-elizabeth-craig-photography-010Just when I thought Autumn was giving up her fight, she came through for us with all her color and glory. This was a bit of a last minute engagement session with a fabulously laid back, totally chill couple and boy did it turn out not only to be a beautiful day, but a fun one too.

Although Marissa & Michael booked us for their upcoming 2017 wedding, this was the first we had a chance to meet them in person. So we were excited to get to know them a little bit, and I’m thrilled to report we think these two are one dynamic duo. Easy-going, quick to laugh and positively smitten with one another. Kinda makes our job super easy.

So, who says you can’t get a good Fall photo shoot in November? Not me.fall-engagement-photos-pittsburgh-elizabeth-craig-photography-001fall-engagement-photos-pittsburgh-elizabeth-craig-photography-007fall-engagement-photos-pittsburgh-elizabeth-craig-photography-006fall-engagement-photos-pittsburgh-elizabeth-craig-photography-013fall-engagement-photos-pittsburgh-elizabeth-craig-photography-003fall-engagement-photos-pittsburgh-elizabeth-craig-photography-002fall-engagement-photos-pittsburgh-elizabeth-craig-photography-004fall-engagement-photos-pittsburgh-elizabeth-craig-photography-008fall-engagement-photos-pittsburgh-elizabeth-craig-photography-009fall-engagement-photos-pittsburgh-elizabeth-craig-photography-012fall-engagement-photos-pittsburgh-elizabeth-craig-photography-011fall-engagement-photos-pittsburgh-elizabeth-craig-photography-005

Many the Miles(tones)

I got stopped in my tracks the other day. Sat back, crossed my arms, rubbed my hand on my chin with that “Seriously?!?” look on my face. That’s what happened when I realized the many many many milestones I have had the sincerest of all pleasures of being a part of in my 12 years of photography, thus far.

Dead in my tracks, I swear it. Let me list a few for you….proposals, engagements, weddings, babies, anniversaries, marriage celebrations, divorce celebrations, I found out I survived, I found out I won’t survive, I want to find who I am, I want to get lost in myself, I couldn’t be more proud of me, I couldn’t be more proud of my friend…mom…grandma…and the list goes on.

Legacies. That’s what I’ve been a part of. Can you imagine what that’s like? I not only got to watch these legacies being born and taking hold of a woman, a group of women, or a few generations of women…I actually got to capture that legacy for all of time. These legacies that I am so proud and humbled to be a part of will forever live, because the shutter got snapped just right there, at the right time.

I just got goosebumps.

What is so exciting about looking back over these legacies is that I get to take in how much women are realizing how important it is to leave a legacy. Listen, getting photos taken to wow him on your wedding night is no small matter, so if that’s what you’re here for I am your girl! That’s exactly what I built this part of my business on and it has been a beautiful foundation. But I won’t lie; I am simply euphoric when I think about how that has evolved over the years to now include just as many women that are here simply to celebrate themselves, or their friends, or their mothers or grandmothers. They have come to me to put the icing on the cake of what was a personal journey. They have come to me as a kick-off to start a new chapter in their life that was titled “Me. A Love Story.” I have had women that have kicked ass, needed a kick in the ass, laughed till they cried and/or cried till they laughed. I have heard tails that would break your heart in one swoop, and on the tail end of that I have been told stories that will breathe life and love back into you as if you never knew it before.


We are all storytellers. That is the gift we all have; each of us has our own unique story to tell and that story is our legacy. You can tell it, write it down, film it….and you can photograph it. I think you know my preference.

So, to all of you women out there that bared your souls to me and told me things I know you never told anyone else, for all the laughs we have shared, the tears we both then laughed over…for trusting me with your innards, for getting real with me…I thank you.

And I am now raising my cyber glass and clinking to the many many more miles(tones) I cannot wait to share with each and every one of you.

Christina & Peter | Engaged

pittsburgh-engagement-photographer-mellon-park-engagement-sessions-elizabeth-craig-photography-001Gosh I just love a sweet, romantic engagement session. Nothing better than being a part of a milestone with a beautiful, lovely couple. I met Christina when she hired me for a Beauty session, and not long after she asked if we could photograph an engagement session for her and her awesomely handsome fiancé, Peter. Yep! You betcha!

So, one warm, gorgeous evening we met them at Mellon Park and crossed our fingers that the sun was going to make a yummy, glowy appearance…and it did. I’m a huge fan of backlight and as you can see we were able to capture that warmth. Mix that in with such a wonderful boy and girl…and, well…magic happens, with a huge dose of romance.pittsburgh-engagement-photographer-mellon-park-engagement-sessions-elizabeth-craig-photography-002pittsburgh-engagement-photographer-mellon-park-engagement-sessions-elizabeth-craig-photography-003pittsburgh-engagement-photographer-mellon-park-engagement-sessions-elizabeth-craig-photography-004pittsburgh-engagement-photographer-mellon-park-engagement-sessions-elizabeth-craig-photography-005pittsburgh-engagement-photographer-mellon-park-engagement-sessions-elizabeth-craig-photography-010pittsburgh-engagement-photographer-mellon-park-engagement-sessions-elizabeth-craig-photography-006pittsburgh-engagement-photographer-mellon-park-engagement-sessions-elizabeth-craig-photography-007pittsburgh-engagement-photographer-mellon-park-engagement-sessions-elizabeth-craig-photography-008pittsburgh-engagement-photographer-mellon-park-engagement-sessions-elizabeth-craig-photography-011


Copenhagen | John Craig Media-003What can I say about Copenhagen? It’s always a complete joy to immerse our family in any other culture. It’s a feast for all of the senses, and sometimes all at one time.

I think what I noticed most often was the grace of the Danish daily lifestyle. Calm, peaceful, quiet and always always always kind. All of that and feeling completely safe and comfortable in a country I have never visited. It was epic.

So, why do we travel? John and I agreed a long time ago that to be fully engaged in the art we are attracted to, we had to travel. My excitement comes from taking in the fashion, the food and the energy of the locals. For John, it’s about architecture, sunsets, the sites and everything that is anything worth photographing. For both of us, it’s about trying everything we can that we can’t try at home.

I’m really excited to share some of John’s photos with you. Giving John the chance to bring home an entirely new  portfolio is always one my favorite highlights of traveling. I never know what he has actually come up with until we get home. And I’m very pleased to say I can’t wait to get 2 of his photographs printed on giant canvases to hang in our home. He even had the idea to get my absolute favorite printed to make a big backdrop for my studio. Can you guess which one?

Also–I love taking a moment to not only celebrate John’s beautiful photography, but also to highlight his wonderful (and brilliant…but I’m biased) writing. So make sure to pop on over to John’s site and give a read to his interpretation of Copenhagen.

Here’s a teaser from his writing:

“Time has no meaning when there is only light. Three hours of dusk, the light is ever present. You can not see the dome of the sky. It’s as if the far left and right corners of the sky are being pulled infinitely upwards. A sheet of sky that is ever-reaching. The cityscape below is small, pushed into the earth, barley kissed by the sky.” 

Copenhagen | John Craig Media-008Copenhagen-006Copenhagen | John Craig Media-007Copenhagen | John Craig Media-002Copenhagen-007Copenhagen | John Craig Media-005Copenhagen | John Craig Media-001Copenhagen-005Copenhagen | John Craig Media-006Copenhagen | John Craig Media-004

Gone Fishing…in Denmark

Yeppers!! Denmark, baby! And I’m doing the Snoppy dance because…well…it’s Denmark!!

Not sure if you remember, but 2 years ago we hosted a lovely foreign exchange student from Denmark for a year. Annahita has become part of the family and has made it back two times to visit us since her stay. We, on the other hand, have as of yet to make the trek to see her home country. Until now.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.08.15 AM

So, off we go! Tourists perusing and cruising the streets of Copenhagen. Don’t worry, I have blog posts ready to go while I’m away, but I will also post to Instagram during our trip so if you’re interested in our travels, be sure to click on over and follow me for updates.

Farvel! Vi ses!

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.50.51 AM


John Craig Media. We Have Lift Off.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.02.29 AMThat’s right!! I’m so excited to share that my uber-super-duper-talented husband has finally dived back into the creative spaces in that mad-crazy brain of his and has unleashed said creativity back into the world.

Have you missed him?? Yes? Then you’re in luck. He’s back and better than ever. What I love about John’s new site is that it’s broken up into writing, filming and, of course, photography. So if you have a moment and want to the delve into the mind of an interesting (mad) man, go on over and take a peek at his new site!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.53.39 AM

Adorbs photo of my adorbs husband by the adorbs David Burke Photographer.