Palm Springs or Bust!


Yes, yes, yes…you saw that itty bitty sneak peak this week and as much as I’d looooove to give you the whole kit and caboodle today, I just can’t. Not because I don’t want to; I honestly only have what you see edited. Anyone else out there need a vacation when they get home from their vacation??

I will be laying down some desert gorgeousness soon but if you want some insight into my time in beautiful Cali, make sure to watch the film below. Lots of good 4am wake up calls, 106 degree heat, lovely lovely ladies and even some drunk retail shopping (including me doing my very best, yet oh so bad, impression of Bruce Lee. Who knew Anthropologie sold black karate uniforms?!?) Something for everyone!

Special THANKS to Sarah, our Airbnb host in the desert. What a location you guys!

Splendor in the Desert | Boudoir Photographer

Desert Boudoir Photos-1And let me just say…the splendor was a-plenty. Omigosh…you guys…the desert. No, wait…shooting in the desert. Yes, that’s it.

Shooting in the desert is my new photography porn. Yep–just said that.

If you were there, you’d totally get it. I have so much to share with you about my trip to Palm Springs, but I’ll just say this for now: I could’ve stayed there for weeks just shooting in the desert. It’s just so much fun photographing in geographic locations that offer natural splendors that you can’t get at home.

More photos to come. More stories to share. And, of course, awesome film to accompany it all.

Stay tuned…..Desert Boudoir Photos-2


What’s in a Portrait | Senior Photographer | Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Senior Photographer-59When I begin to edit any session, the first thing I do is go through and select all of the images that I connect with instantly. Occasionally I’ll do this first, then give it a day or 2 and go through again, just for some space between choices.

What’s fun for me is going back through, after the editing is long completed and the photos have been presented to my client and some time has passed. The reason it’s fun is because I’ll see things I didn’t see before. Like, for instance, how many photos are so similar, but juuuuuuuuust have such a slight difference enough to make me want to keep them all.

What’s in a portrait is what emotion or connection is captured. At least for me anyway. Each of these portraits could be considered the same enough to have gotten rid of each of them, and save only one. But I couldn’t do it.

Each of these photos takes on a completely different connection to me and my camera. How do you delete that??

Beyond the clothes, the background, the light, the furniture, the jewelry…even beyond the reason you came to me is the connection you give to me. Because absolutely none of the former matter if you don’t have the latter.

Connection is timeless and that is what is most important to me: timelessness.Pittsburgh Senior Photographer-54Pittsburgh Senior Photographer-58Pittsburgh Senior Photographer-51Pittsburgh Senior Photographer-53Pittsburgh Senior Photographer-56Pittsburgh Senior Photographer-55Pittsburgh Senior Photographer-50Pittsburgh Senior Photographer-57Pittsburgh Senior Photographer-52Makeover by At Home Beauty.

Marissa & Michael | Married | Sneak Peek!

Capital Theater WV Weddings-ExposureLet me just start off by saying how much I totally dig this couple. So down to earth, so laid back…both of them together, and individually, are just the most awesomest people, ever.

Ok–now that that has been said, let me now say how much FUN we had at this wedding. As I mentioned above, Marrisa & Michael are so laid back and WOW did that make for such an enjoyable day. There was never a moment that I didn’t see a smile plastered on both of their faces and also surrounded by so many close friends and family.

It was a day of never-ending celebration…just the way I like it.

More to come!

The Fighter | Boudoir Photographer | Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-53We have one of those inside all of us, don’t we? I mentioned in my previous blog post of this gorgeous woman that she is very much into staying fit and healthy. This was something she wanted to bring front and central to her shoot with me. I just so happened to find the most perfect Airbnb that was sports-themed (and not in a college, neon bar sign, black and gold kinda way) and we just couldn’t help ourselves.

This was probably my favorite set, although each set has its own awesome quality. I think I like this one best because it’s so simple. You know the message instantly and she connected so naturally with me.

There’s more to come so stay tuned!Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-50Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-51Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-54Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-52

Makeover: At Home Beauty
Black bodysuit: Forever 21
Fur coat: private collection
Black booties: Christian LouboutinChristian Louboutin
Lionhead belt (seen with fur): Gucci
Hand wraps: Everlast