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What do those words in this title make you think? Feel? I want them to call to you. I want them to make you think about what they really mean to you.

This is my call to you, ladies. This is my call to you to sit in your Self today. Not only do I want you to read the words in this title and consider how they apply to your Self, and if they do not apply to your Self, what you can do to make them apply, but also how you can apply them to women, period.

We come from a long history of having to compete with each other to survive. That no longer applies. Yes, we must fight harder than men, we must rise higher, be smarter and typically get knocked down more and if you are a brown person of the female gender, it is even more difficult. I mean….wayyyyyyyy more difficult. But we have reached a time when we can now take care of ourselves in a multitude of ways. The competition is over.

It is now time to re-focus that energy into a place where it can be most useful and that is with the entire female population. This is my challenge to you: to reach beyond yourself and give of yourself to women, or even just one woman really. Help me start this movement of recognizing that we are a tribe and frankly, we are all we have. We have each other.

Tell a woman she looks beautiful today. Tell a woman you see the stress in her eyes, but she’s got this and you know it. Tell a woman she’s a good mother. Tell her she’s strong, she will not only make it through this, but she will leap right over it with flames on the heels of her feet. Tell her congratulations, well done, keep trucking.

Tell her you see her, and what you see is a light that shines into this world like no other.

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