Women Celebrating Women

Women Celebrating Women-2That is, no joke, the one thing that makes me shake my bootie in a happy dance. Women celebrating women and our power, individuality, ethnicity, diversity, love, similarities, and respecting that each and every one of us is a story that no one has ever read before.

This is what our shoot was on this day. It was pure magic. As you know, I’ve hooked up with Amanda Cowan of GRLPWRPGH to work with her on what has been termed “Body Positivity Photo Shoots”. We’re trying each month to celebrate women in a beautiful way that exemplifies all of our complexities and similarities, while showing off all that also makes us different, but together.

In this latest photo shoot, we wanted to celebrate womanhood, body positivity and ethnicity. Meet the incredible ladies that fiercely stepped up to take part in this lovely endeavor. Each of these incredible woman came together on this day to not only celebrate their own richness within their own ethnicity, but to discover and unite with everyone else’s diversity.

I can’t even begin to explain to you how honored I am to now know each of these ladies.Women Celebrating Women-6Women Celebrating Women-9Women Celebrating Women-12Women Celebrating Women-3

OG, awareness-bringer, carrier of coolest purses ever and proud mama to Wiz Khalifa.Women Celebrating Women-4

Girlboss, professional cupid, + mental health & lifestyle blogger empowered by the love and fire within.Women Celebrating Women-13

Brand manager and everything Pittsburgh fashion, connector, builder and developer of local community meets fashion.Women Celebrating Women-5

Cyclist master, Irish wanderer and food lover.Women Celebrating Women-8

Old soul, young spirit, storyteller, painter and proud member of the #naturalhairgang.Women Celebrating Women-11

Ta’lor Pinkston
Self love coach, poet, inspirational speaker and all professional bringer of hope and all that is good.Women Celebrating Women-7

I also want to give the biggest of all shout outs to the amazing and talented stylists we had the lovely pleasure of hanging out with: Dominika Bronner Makeup, Stephanie Storm Beauty and See Jane Blush. PLUS a GIANT THANK YOU to Democracy Clothing for not only sponsoring this photoshoot but for giving each and every one of us a FREE pair of your AMAZING jeans! I cannot say this enough, ladies: their jeans feel like you’re in your pjs!! GET A PAIR NOW!!!Women Celebrating Women-1Women Celebrating Women-14Women Celebrating Women-10Stay tuned for the next shoot! You’re gonna love it!

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