The Art & Business of Boudoir Un-Workshop

Boudoir Photography Workshop 2018-3Yessssss….I am SO EXCITED to share with you that I have been invited to teach an un-workshop at the ever-so-extraordinary, 3rd annual Photo Rehab taking place September 30 through October 4, 2018 in Estes Park, CO!

“Un-Workshop??” you ask? Yes, well so here’s the thing: The Photo Rehab understands that a lot photography workshops out there kind of revolve around you sitting, someone else talking and instead of your hands being wrapped around a camera, they’re twisted around a pen, spending most of your time taking notes rather than doing what you should be doing: photographing.Boudoir Photography Workshop 2018-1

So if you’re a new photographer that’s looking for a great bang for your buck, this is for you. Why? Because you get access to eight BADASS photographers that all have different specialties, allowing you to inundate yourself with a full menu of learning opportunities.

If you’re a seasoned photographer and you’re in a rut or want to move onto to something new, this workshop is for you. Why? See above.

I will specifically be teaching The Art & Business of Boudoir and John will be filming all the behind the scenes yummies for you all! If you’ve ever wanted to break into boudoir photography, or up your game then you may want to come spend a bit of time with me. I’ll be covering In-Person Sales and we’re going to spend a bunch of time photographing live models so that you can learn how to modify super easy and sexy poses for any body type, all while padding your portfolio with some new and incredible photos that you’ve taken all by yourselfsies¬†(yes, that’s a real word…I swear)!¬†Boudoir Photography Workshop 2018-2

There is something here for everyone and you DO NOT want to miss this! Take a moment to click some of the links above to find out more!


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