Insert Glamour Here

Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-24That’s what this entire shoot was about. Straight up Hollywood Glamour. Michelle loved the 20’s so we did give it a bit of nod here and there. These 2 sets were a bit more of a super subtle nod, but the red dress in my previous post was a bit more apparent. We started off saying we were going to do 2 outfits, and then ended up with 5. But the dresses and gowns we had were just way too scrumptious not to use them all.

Michelle had a natural connection with the lens. She pretty much floated through the day and from what I can gather, had a pret-ty good time. I’m not sure who wouldn’t….hair, makeup, gowns, dresses and a day designed and directed just for you? Yep…sounds like a recipe for glamour to the max.

This was my 2nd favorite dress, the first being the pink one in my first post. The pink dress from my first post was seriously glamorous, sexy and Michelle just ooooooooozed confidence and sensuality. This glittery dress you see above was absolutely stunning, but just a touch more conservative, which I loved. Mac Duggal is my go-to for glamour. He simply knows how to get it right….

Sprinkle me in glitter and let me go!Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-22Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-20Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-21Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-13Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-9Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-11Pittsburgh Beauty Photographer-12Makeover by AtHome Beauty.

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