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Personal Branding Head Shots | Pittsburgh-8That’s how you have to think about a personal branding session. It has to be gold. That means it has to be the absolute most best and pristine representation of who you are and then being able to convey that within 3 seconds of a glance in photographs. Yes, 3 seconds. That’s how long it takes someone to identify and connect with you and know if they want to know more about you and your services. That should reallllllly make you think about what photographer you want to work with when considering that little tidbit of information.

And let’s make a note of this once again: personal branding is a totally different beast than head shots. Head shots are for business cards and lectures. It’s to put a face with a name. Personal branding is conveying with photographs, color palettes, aesthetic and design an immediate connection with the viewer and allowing them to get a taste of your own style and personality in what you have to offer.  It’s a little more work than a head shot. You can see one traditional head shot in this grouping of photos. I don’t think I need to point out which one it is. In the other photographs, you can immediately pick up her personality, her position on her team, and that she is a straight-to-the-point, no BS kinda gal with all the clean lines, no patterns, and black and white clothing. Her poses are power poses and that was not a coincidence. You can also see a few relaxed poses so that you identify with her casual and more easy going, laid-back side of herself. Also not a coincidence.

Let’s talk about those clothes. I had her tell me her style, send photos of her style and then I went out and shopped for her. I had about 10 outfits in my studio for her to choose from and she chose these 2 and then we mixed and matched. Yes, I do that. Why? Because I will push you outside of your comfort zone a bit. I will take your style and I will bump it up a notch or 10. I will make sure that you look exactly as you want to look, but better. Over the years I’ve developed an eye for dressing all body types and I just had the epiphany in the last year or so that I should use it to assist my clientele is representing the best of themselves. And ladies…it’s fun. If you think you’re excited for the session, imagine walking into a closet full of clothes, just for your delight. This service is not free, but yes, I do that. My favorite for Gina was that white blazer and the black pants and shirt. Killer.

It’s been a lot of fun exploring personal branding in my photography and coming up with new ideas has been a blast. My favorite is when we scout different locations for specific looks. I love my studio but I also love getting out it for a bit and pushing myself out of my own comfort zone.

After all, comfort zones are so comfortable…and boring.Personal Branding Head Shots | Pittsburgh-3Personal Branding Head Shots | Pittsburgh-7Personal Branding Head Shots | Pittsburgh-1Personal Branding Head Shots | Pittsburgh-5Personal Branding Head Shots | Pittsburgh-6Personal Branding Head Shots | Pittsburgh-4Makeover by At Home Beauty.

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