Me vs. You

Pittsburgh Beauty Portrait Photographer-3No, I’m not talking about a competition, or even a hierarchy, contest or who comes first in a life-saving, dramatic moment of crisis. I’m talking about something way more important than all of that….I’m talking about fashion.

You: play it safe, bring things that cover you and every inch of every part of your body that you’re uncomfortable with. You bring things that make you blend into the background, making damn sure no one pays attention to you. You play it safe. To you, “stepping outside of your comfort zone” means buying white jeans instead of blue jeans, or maybe getting really crazy and buying a tank top instead of a shirt with sleeves (but then you ask me to photoshop the hell out of those arms).

Me: does not play it safe. I push you in places you think you don’t want to go. I explain how it all works and you doubt, but realize you kinda have to try it because….I mean…I have more experience than you in this area. I tell you that you can be clothed from head to toe and still be soooooo sexy. I present clothing you never ever thought you’d even consider. And then you put it on and….magic. I see that twinkle in your eye, that glow in your smile and I know: game on.

And this is how it went for us. She sent the images below of what she bought to bring to her beauty session, which her husband bought for her. You see, he looks at her and sees the mother of his children, his life partner and best friend. He also happens to see the most beautiful and sexiest woman alive. She looks at herself and she sees something else. She didn’t want the session. She was terrified of it. But we got her there. I’m happy to say she put a lot of effort into trusting me just even to show up that day. And goodness you guys….she was a nervous wreck. I felt so bad and so excited for her all at the same time because I knew how she felt, but I also knew what was coming.

These were the items she purchased that she thought pushed her out of her comfort zone:Untitled-1

I showed her my choices for her wardrobe. Her eyebrows went way up and her mouth dropped. And then I could see the sweat. Hahahahahaha! But I knew she could do it. I’ve never had a more quiet client sit in Lee Ann’s chair. She watched every stroke of a brush and every curl of the iron. Barely saying one word. And then when it was all finished the first thing she said, eyes aglow: “I feel so pretty!!” Yessssss….game on.

We decided to include one outfit that she brought with her, and that’s what we started with. Just one photo that really looks like her everyday look. She didn’t like any of them, and trust me I did not take it personally. I knew she was so excited about the other items I had available that she was really just waiting to get into them. Pittsburgh Beauty Portrait Photographer-1

And just look at her. This is one badass, sexy, gorgeous, confident woman. And wow did she not want to get out of this dress. I don’t blame her…do you see what I’m seeing?? I won’t be showing you the uber sexy black patent trench coat I had her wear for a set after this, complete with high heels….and nothing else. That’s just for her and her husband, you see. But I think you get the idea of how she felt when she was leaving my studio.

I do not proclaim to be a fashionista one bit. But I do proclaim that I will do you right. I know what you’re self-conscious about. I know what drives you crazy about your body. And I also know what clothing will camouflage those parts while emphasizing what you love. Ladies: this is what you pay me for, and lucky you, I’m damn good at it.

Let’s do this.Pittsburgh Beauty Portrait Photographer-2Pittsburgh Beauty Portrait Photographer-4Makeover by At Home Beauty.

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