So Many Experiences…

New Mexico Elizabeth Craig Photography-11…to share with you about my trip to New Mexico. I’m going to start with this one because I actually have the visuals to go along with my story.

While Sharna, my reiki practitioner and now gal pal, and I were waiting for the light to fade to that oh-so-golden moment, Eric & Tatiana happened upon the area where we were shooting (more of that to come). They drove in from Santa Fe, about an hours drive, with their 2 dogs, Zeus and Scooby Doo, a bottle of wine and some sushi. Yep–they drove all the way to this spot to simply sit in one of the openings of this structure, take in the view, share some wine (no glasses, which I loved), a nibble and the most magical sunset you can imagine. When you get regular sunsets such as the ones you can see for miles in New Mexico, it becomes somewhat of a ritual to slow down and take a moment or two to enjoy such majesty, and hopefully with a loved one.

So, meet Eric & Tatiana. Two very lovely and interesting folks I had the pleasure of spending time with while photographing in New Mexico. While waiting for the light, I started taking photos of the puppy dogs (ok…not puppies at all) because I just couldn’t help myself. Zeus was happy to lay so regally and take in all the sites, while Scooby Doo was curious enough to follow us at a distance while shooting, then eventually became my steadfast friend and leeaaaaaaaaned into me, begging for any kind of scratch I was willing to give. And I just couldn’t help myself but to take a few photos of Eric & Tatiana too. I loved them sitting up there, so close to each other as they chatted away with each other, sharing some laughs, hugs and even a few silent moments. I took their email address with a promise to get these images to them. I’ll be checking that off of my To-Do list later tomorrow.

I’m happy to say my trip to New Mexico is filled with little stories such as this and I’ve written them all down so I don’t forget. I’ll get to those eventually, but for now just take a look at all this beauty.New Mexico Elizabeth Craig Photography-4New Mexico Elizabeth Craig Photography-5New Mexico Elizabeth Craig Photography-8New Mexico Elizabeth Craig Photography-6New Mexico Elizabeth Craig Photography-10New Mexico Elizabeth Craig Photography-9


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