10 Side Effects of a Boudoir Photography Session

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-1

  1. You will wake up each day and look in the mirror and like what you see.
  2. You will become more forgiving of yourself.
  3. You will believe you can do it (whatever “it” is).
  4. You will surprise yourself with your new level of confidence.
  5. You will begin to see yourself as a Loved One.
  6. You will let things that would have otherwise bothered you or hurt your feelings go in an instant.
  7. You will begin to splurge on yourself in small and big ways.
  8. You will tell your ??? to finally go f*@!# themselves.
  9. You will know you are worth it.
  10. You will join my ever-growing kick ass, incredible, amazing, strong and powerful Gives Zero F#@cks Club. Membership is free and lifelong.

Who’s with me?Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-2Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-3Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-4Makeover by At Home Beauty.


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