There’s Power in Them Rollin’ Hills | Boudoir Photographer | Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-3That’s a song by Jill Scott, one of my absolute most favorite musicians ever. I felt the title was appropriate for this post because…you know…just look at these curves.

There’s a beautiful story that goes with this session, but that will come a bit later. For now, I wanted to shine a bit of a spotlight on the magical curves that women have. Big, small, short, tall, belly, no belly…gosh our bodies are simply the most awe-inspiring and miracle-contemplating works of art. I think the mystery that a woman’s body holds will forever be the most mystical creations of all time. Before you say I’m being a bit fluffy here, imagine what men have done throughout history to celebrate those bodies, touch those bodies and even turn them into works on canvas, buildings, sculptures….

My favorite part of shooting nudes is the power that a women can feel infusing into her body as she watches what she tears down in the mirror become living, breathing art right in front of her Self. You can see her fears and self-doubt just fly away as it sets in that, yes, this body is hers and what a gift that truly is.

See those little rolls on her side? That is my most favorite part of a woman. Yes, a lot of women ask me to remove those and it kills me every time because I feel like I’m removing what makes us real. Body’s are supposed to do that and to me it’s the most significant sign of beauty. It’s genuine and authentic, as it should be because no matter anything else, we should allow our bodies to be genuine and authentic. Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-1Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-2Makeover (you’ll soon see) by At Home Beauty.

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