Guess What?

Elizabeth Craig Photography Pricing-1-2Did you read what’s on that photograph?? I’m super-dee-duper excited to share with you that I have decided to go back to offering collections (packages), instead of an a la carte system. And right now you’re saying to yourself, “Who gives a biggie hoot.” But oh my gosh….you do. Why? Because I just created a collection system that allows for allllll women of alllll wallet sizes to enjoy a session with me. Don’t worry! For those of you that have experienced a luxury session with me, you still can. That’s not going away. I have just neatly package-priced that experienced, along with a few other collections, that make my services more widely available.

Listen, I love when women tell me I’m on their bucket list and as sooooooon as they save up enough money, I’m numero uno on that list.  And I get it that what I do is a luxury, no matter at what price point. So it was pretty sensational when I had an epiphany that allows me to make this luxury available to more women. I also know that the reason I stand out is because of the experience I offer and the style of photography I specialize in. So have no fear: none of that changes. Honestly, it never could because that’s what allows me to enjoy what I do and I’m not changing anything that mixes that up.

So, I now offer collections starting at $500 (FIVE HUNDRED!!). If you knew my previous pricing then you know that’s pretty big news. So share this with your friends, shout it from the rooftops, take out an ad in the newspaper or send out some smoke signals because this is biggie big, for me AND you!

I’ll see you in my studio soon!

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