White Lace & Prada Shoes: Memoirs of a Bride

Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-1Sounds like a pretty cool title for a book, right? Well, I don’t have a book for you to read (you’re welcome), but I do have a story to tell. However, what I LOVE about this story is that it’s told in photographs.

That’s what I loved about this styled shoot; ¬†you can watch the story unfold as you go from one photo to the next. She goes from wedding, to the boudoir, to the honeymoon and all in a few photographs. I can just imagine her day as she pours herself into her wedding dress, then smiles to herself thinking about the outfit she’ll be putting on later that night, and then waking up to excitedly peruse the Honeymoon Itinerary and take it all in.

For this shoot I didn’t want the usual ethereal and romantic. I wanted to go for a bit more outside the box a tiny bit, so that’s why you see these absolutely stunning wardrobe¬†pieces paired with black shoes and accessories. I loved the contrast of it all.

Thank you thank you thank you going out to Luna Boutique for allowing me to borrow the gown and the cape, At Home Beauty for the gorgeous hmua, Daisy for being my lovely muse for the day, Old Souls Vintage Rentals for the stunning couch and chair, Karrie Hlista Designs for the mostest perfect and gorgeous floral designs, and Hip at the Flashlight Factory for allowing us to take over your incredible space (which is for rent for your next event). Thank you for allowing me to have some damn good fun!Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-3Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-2Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-4-2Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-5-2Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-6-2Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-7Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-8Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-9Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-10Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-1-2Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-12Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-13Wedding dress: Yolan Cris
Black booties paired with wedding dress: Badly Mischka
Bracelet: Chan Luu
Lace wedding cape: Yolan Cris
Black heels paired with wedding cape: Prada
Earrings: Tory Burch
Bracelet: Alexander McQueen
White lace jumper: studio wardrobe/vintage
White heels: Guiseppe Zanotti

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