The Best Christmas Gift…Like…Ever…

SafehouseStill looking for a Christmas gift that will BLOW your budding photographer wife/husband/friend/partner/next door neighbor/that guy at the baseball game that is the official unofficial photographer away? Well, well, well, I just so happen to know of an INCREDIBLE workshop that will include EIGHT awesome photographers coming together to pull off one h-e-double-hockey-sticks of an educational experience that juuuuuust may make you the BEST Christmas gifter….like….ever. You’re welcome.

If you or someone you know has been looking for a fun and intensive workshop then join me and 7 other fab photogs May 14th – 18th 2018 in Sandy Pointe, Maine while we each walk you through a hands-on educational experience of each of our own individual photography specialties. What I love about this workshop is that it’s immersive. You not only have access to all of these incredible instructors and the topics they’re teaching, but we all stay for the entire 5 days, which let’s us be available to the attendees the entire time. If you’ve ever emailed a photographer and found yourself typing these works “I just want to pick your brain….” then this workshop is for you. Eight successful, living it, breathing it, hustling it photographers at your service for 4 full days. Yeah…that’s just a little slice of heaven…

I know the descriptions below each instructor’s name is hard to read in the photo above, so make sure you follow the link to the workshop so you can get to know each person and their specific area of focus at the workshop, but know that you will learn about intimate couple’s photography/family photography/editing (Twyla), wedding photography/backups and systems (Chadwick), on-location photography/branding and SEO (Cassie & Michael), intimate male photography/inclusivity (Kevin), boudoir photography for women with curves (Teri & Lindsay)/branding/editing (Teri) /light/sales (Lindsay), vulnerability/mental health/perseverance (Lola) and incorporating fashion into your photography/lighting/posing (Ummmm……yeah, that’s me!)

I will be specifically instructing on how to incorporate fashion into your boudoir photography to make your style unique and stand out, posing, lighting, how to acquire affordable fashion pieces, how to make your own pieces, styling, how to get great connection in your photography with everyday women, session day workflow and I’ll have live shooting and instruction, which can be used for portfolio building.

Feeling good about it? Click here and get your tickets today. They’re going fast kids (tickets that allow you to stay in the house we are all staying in and teaching in have already sold out) so don’t wait.

See you there!

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