Confessions of a Traveling Photographer

On-Location Boudoir Fashion Photographer-15My confession is this: I LOVE TRAVELING FOR SHOOTS!

I simply can’t begin to tell you how much fun this all was and there are so many reasons. The location was phenomenal and I don’t just mean the desert. It didn’t take long for me to come across this Airbnb and BAM! The inspiration for every single shoot fell into place for every single gal that came to me for a shoot. I had one gal that was a bit more demure and elegant. Another that was my glamazon goddess (who could THAT be??), another that was my bohemian gal. Then there was my casual upbeat-girl-next-door. My final gal in the desert was my retro beauty and I also had one hell of a fierce shoot on the resort grounds where I was staying.

But my my my…this east coast girl fell in love with the west coast and those beautiful mountains, deserts and blue skies. I also loved the fact that not one woman I photographed even knew what they were wearing until they showed up for their shoots. I sewed, shopped, plotted and MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! It fell together so easily. I also got full creative control over absolutely everything: location, styling, wardrobe, hair and makeup styling (collaborated with Lee Ann for this of course) and it was so fabulous. Every single lady I photographed allowed themselves to just be putty in my hands and it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had shooting.

So much fun that I’m now looking to do it more often. I’m considering a Denver run the first few days of November (yes…in just a few weeks) so we’ll see if I get any interest. If you’re not in Pittsburgh and want a shoot, I’m just an email away. If you can get at least 4 women in, I’m in. Or, if you are in Pittsburgh, but always dreamed of being photographed in (insert location here) let me know. There really aren’t many places I won’t go for a fun shoot!

So so so much more to come!On-Location Boudoir Fashion Photographer-19On-Location Boudoir Fashion Photographer-17On-Location Boudoir Fashion Photographer-16On-Location Boudoir Fashion Photographer-18
Hair and makeup by At Home Beauty.

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