You Never Know…

Palm Springs Fashion Boudoir Photographer-3…when things are about the twist upside down and set you right back on your feet, but as a whole new you.

I met Katie at a photography conference out in Palm Springs. A photog friend of mine, Kara Marie, and myself were walking out chatting away and BAM! As soon as I saw her I knew I had to get her in front of my camera. She’s used to being on the other side of a camera (like most photographers are) but I just could not help but pretty much do anything I had to do to get her on film. And Kara Marie felt the exact same way!

She agreed, but was shy. She wanted so badly to do what I wanted, but she thought she just didn’t have it in her to put on the outfit I had picked out for her. She began to give me reasons this might not be such a good idea. She asked with a furrowed brow just how long I was going to take to photograph her; she was here for a photography conference and didn’t want to miss anything. I reassured her that I definitely wanted to photograph her and that we’d be done in plenty of time. I knew she could do it, and I knew if I could just get her into the outfit, and with a little magic from Lee Ann, she’d see what I saw: a gorgeous, fierce, totally slammin’ hot mama.

And that’s exactly what happened.

She had all kind of twists and turns she wanted to toss out there on why she couldn’t get into that outfit and why she believed I didn’t even want her to. Then she looked into the mirror, and oh my gosh you guys…it was so damn funny…”Holy shit!!!” Eyes huge, mouth dropped wide open. She finally saw what I already saw in my head the day before.

And off we went. We just so happened to be saying at a beautiful resort so there was no reason to go anywhere other than there. So we walked and when I saw something I liked, I stopped and we snapped off a few. As you can imagine, people stopped and stared and I did think that maybe Katie was going to go back to that shy place again, but my goodness…not even close. She sauntered, she cat-walked, she sashayed her gorgeous self all over for me. And when I was wrapping up my last few shots she said, “Oh I don’t care. I’ll skip the whole conference for the rest of the day if you want to keep photographing.”

But the best part came as we finished up and began walking back to the hotel room. Katie got a bit quiet and serious and began to tell me how she almost didn’t come to the conference. She was so nervous that she wouldn’t belong and that she’d be an outcast and risk really losing any sense of confidence she had. But then, she said, this little session changed everything for her. And as I listened to her talk more about her life, more about her current feelings about herself, her business and mostly her thoughts on her own self-confidence and worth, I realized how much she needed something like this. And no, not necessarily from me, but she needed someone to believe in her, reassure her and definitely bring out that inner powerhouse she clearly had buried somewhere deep.

She said it changed her. She thanked Lee Ann and me up and down and all around. We even talked later about some other revelations she had since the short time she was in front of my camera. It was so incredible to hear…I mean a truly sweet experience and I’m so grateful for it because you just never know when one glance on the right person at the right time will make such an impact on them, you or anyone else.

So, a big Thank You to Katie for letting me turn you into the goddess you really are, even if for a short time. Thank you for not turning me down and, goodness gracious….thank you thank you thank you for trusting me. That means more to me than anything….though these photos of you will do too. Palm Springs Fashion Boudoir Photographer-2Palm Springs Fashion Boudoir Photographer-5Palm Springs Fashion Boudoir Photographer-4Palm Springs Fashion Boudoir Photographer-1If you get a chance, be sure to hop on over the Kara Marie’s Instagram page and take a gander of the photograph she put up of Katie. It’s gorgeous!!

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