Hommes Féminin

pittsburgh-male-fashion-photography-001Feminine man, just in case you’re wondering. I was checking out at the grocery store and noticed the most adorable young man, with all his lovely makeup, checking out a woman at the register not so far away from me. He was just so….pretty. About a billion ideas zipped through my head with visuals of how I would photograph him.

So I just had to ask him. He said yes. And so began the process of narrowing down those billions of ideas. If you’ve had a peek at my blog then you know I don’t really photograph men in the fashion/beauty genre. But one look at Ryan and I knew I had to have him on the other side of my camera. He’s never been professionally photographed before, though you’d never know it based on these photos. He just lit right up and never even flinched.

Fur. After 24 hours of thinking what direction I wanted to take the session, I came up with fur (just in case you can’t tell, it’s all faux fur). We considered something a bit more androgynous for one of the sets, but I then realized in my research that Covergirl had just recently announced their very first male ambassador and then I knew androgyny just wouldn’t cut it. Besides, there is absolutely nothing androgynous about Ryan! It just didn’t seem like a good fit. So…a few trips to TJMAXX, a few purchases of a few blankets and one tree skirt (no kidding…that white fur “top”….tree skirt), a few cuts to one blanket to turn it into a crazy-long scarf….and….magic.

Hannah’s insanely talented hair and makeup skills, John’s insanely talented cinematography (the film below is an absolute MUST! John really outdid himself on this one), Ryan’s unlimited gorgeousness and my wee bit of contribution. M.a.g.i.c. LOVE when that happens.


Photographer, creative director & fashion styling: Me, of course😉
Hair & makeup styling: Hannah Conard Beauty
Cinematography: John Craig Media
Model: Ryan Mousessian
White fur: Nicole Miller
Husky fur: Vince Camuto
Fur blanket turned scarf: Tahari
Jeans: American Eagle Outfitter
Belt: Forever 21
Boots: H&M

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