Alexandra & Anthony | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Omni William Penn Weddings | Pittsburgh-1She hated getting her photo taken, but the camera loves her so much more than she knows. She breezed through the day like she was a pro. She would smile at everyone that came into her path, but you should’ve seen what that same smile looked like when she looked at him. He had a gentleness to him that any woman could appreciate. He guided her through the day with the ease of a man that instinctively puts her first, every time. When she wasn’t next to him, he looked around to see where she was till he found her.

You’ll see all of this in the photos soon to come. For now, you’ll just have to trust me that although this was a huge day and a huge wedding, this couple, their families and their huge gathering of friends made it seem like this was the smallest, most intimate, close-knit gathering you could imagine. So much love all packed into one day…

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