Oh the Places You’ll Go… Pittsburgh High School Senior Photography

Pittsburgh High School Seniors Photos-5I always love when I get a chance to photograph a high school senior. I don’t get to do it very often, but when I do it’s so much fun. I love hearing all about what they’re into at school, what their plans are after graduation….it’s an exciting time and it takes me back to my own days of school spirit, big hair, working till my fingers bled, late nights with friends and dreaming of future fun. Good times…good times.

Lucy was a very sweet, very easy going kinda gal. When her mom contacted me for photos I said “Well, just so you know…I photograph people. I don’t really do varsity jackets, pom poms and big signs with the year of graduation.” She said, “I know, that’s why Lucy wants you.” Ahhhhh…..music to my ears.

So we played with wardrobe till we came up with some really fun stuff, got Lucy in Lee Ann’s chair and then just had the time of our lives. Do you see that hair?? Oooooooh THAT HAIR!!!!

I could photograph this girl with that hair till I die.

Stay tuned for a few more outfits!Pittsburgh High School Seniors Photos-2Pittsburgh High School Seniors Photos-4Pittsburgh High School Seniors Photos-3Pittsburgh High School Seniors Photos-1Pittsburgh High School Seniors Photos-6Makeover by At Home Beauty.

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