Permission ~ Beauty Photography

Pittsburgh Portrait Fashion Beauty Photographer-1-2It’s a word that we use all the time, even when we don’t use that particular word. “Yes.” That is another word that can be used for permission.

And you know what? I give you permission to say yes…to yourself.

Do you think that’s silly?? Sometimes we actually need someone to tell us to give ourselves a break; to allow ourselves a moments peace, within. Doesn’t sound so silly anymore, huh?

And so that is what I wanted for Mae. She had been banging around the idea of being photographed by me for quite a while. We talked about it a year or 2 ago. She scheduled, eventually, but I knew she wasn’t ready. I told her we should put it off, she agreed. She needed space in her head. She had gone through a hard time and wasn’t exactly feeling her best, inside or out. I so badly wanted this session to be a kickstarter for her; that kick in the pants that is a blinding reminder of how beautiful she really is, inside and out. We rescheduled. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her.

I wanted her to literally look like a famous person. I wanted her to look like the 6′ glamazon she is. I wanted her to embrace every inch of herself, her curves, her height, her hair. Oh yeah….the hair. Can you believe, Mae wears her hair straight. Everyday. Oh no no no no no no. I asked her “how do you feel about an afro?” Ummmm…..ahem. But she trusted me. And she trusted Lee Ann to deliver the kind of ‘fro that would make her feel and look like the incredible woman she is.

We showed her what she looked like after her transformation, and she just could not believe it. We were in business. I took her back and got her AMAZING Monse blazer on her…and oh my gosh…you guys…no joke…I saw her on the cover of Vogue.

She sashayed out to show Lee Ann her gorgeous self, and the magic began. Funny–when I talked to Mae about how to let go in front of the camera, she got all nervous. But then, she was in an oversized t-shirt, no hair done, no makeup on at that moment. But, good golly miss Molly…once she was glammed from head to toe…well, let’s just say coaching was pretty easy for me.

I was thrilled to be invited into this home to photograph Mae. It was PERFECT for what we were going for. ¬†Do you agree?? When I showed her the first few frames of photos she ¬†shrieked “Oh my gosh!! Is that ME?!?”

Yes, my amazing, incredible, smart, savvy, sexy, independent, kind and brilliant 6′ glamazon: this is you.Pittsburgh Portrait Fashion Beauty Photographer-4Pittsburgh Portrait Fashion Beauty Photographer-2-2Pittsburgh Portrait Fashion Beauty Photographer-2Pittsburgh Portrait Fashion Beauty Photographer-5Pittsburgh Portrait Fashion Beauty Photographer-6Absolutely stunning makeover by At Home Beauty.
Bangin’ tux jacket by Monse.
Those jaw-dropping heels by Manolo Blahnik.

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