The Transformation is Real – Boudoir Photographer

Before and After Beauty Portrait Photographer-2It is so real, it typically brings my clients back to me for more than one session (and some of them are on their 4th and 5th!!) This absolutely gorgeous woman came to me about a year ago to create a gift for her then fiancé for their wedding night. Oh my gosh how much fun we had. It was a sexy, sweet and very powerful shoot and from what I understand, her now husband wasn’t sad he didn’t get a watch instead.

But this time, she said it was for her. She was more interested in celebrating the skin she’s in and really showing off her self-love than any other reason. Now that is the kind of session that really gets me going. What’s really interesting to me is that when a woman comes in for herself, a few of her outfits are always high fashion and so so gorgeous. The sessions are a bit more relaxed and gravitate to a more editorial look. Once you’re out to only impress yourself, the nerves seem to calm and an entire world of fashion opens up to you. It’s wonderful to see the difference in clients on their 2nd sessions. So much more courage and so much more open to ideas that have nothing to do with impressing a boy. Not that there is anything wrong with impressing a boy (I love impressing mine) but every gal needs a few moments at different times in her life when she puts just as much energy into wowing herself. Most times that’s way more difficult than impressing a loved one. But not this time.

The real fun is not only when my clients see themselves for the first time after their hair and makeup transformation, but mostly when I take those first few frames and show them who they really are in that moment. That transformation is something special. Want to see more of that? Go to my new site for my most updated transformations.

After seeing this particular photo, and taking in that look in her eye while also keeping in mind our discussion about her reasoning for this session…I couldn’t help but embellish just a bit. Pittsburgh Beauty Portrait Photographer-2

Makeover by At Home Beauty.
Black dress: Dress the Population
Black shoes (not seen): Manolo Blahnik
Blue Dress: Adriana Papell
Nude shoes: Forever 21

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