Frolicking in a Cemetery

Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer-2And that’s what we did.

I kind of introduced you to this day of shooting with Julia Erickson, a principal ballerina with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. I’m holding off on what we did in the studio and can’t wait to share the film with you, but for now, I wanted to put a few photos up of these 2 sets inside the cemetery.

It was all so ethereal and the locations were just incredible (big thanks to Joey Kennedy for showing us around). I was so excited to use my Petzval lens as well as the pinhole lens because I get to use them so rarely. What’s the difference, you ask? Well the 2nd and 8th photo below was taken with the pinhole lens. It’s basically a lens cap with the teensiest of all holes in the center. You need a tripod (which I didn’t have…I’m a human tripod, I always say), tons of light and some patience because you can’t see what you’re photographing until you take the photo and can look on the back of your screen, then adjust for light and composition. It gives the appearance of an old photo and is quite grainy and almost has a painted look. The 4th photo below was taken with the Petzval 85mm lens. It’s a manual focus lens and gives the effect of swirling, or bokeh, around the upper and lower portions of the photograph. Again–the appeal is a painted quality and hopefully comes off as artful. The other photos were taken with my 24-70mm, with added blur on the edges.

Are your eyes glazed over yet? Hee hee…I won’t blame you…

It really was such a gorgeous day. The sun was stunning and the glow through the trees was a gift. Julia was likely one of the easiest and most fun subjects I had the pleasure of playing with all over the place. Gosh just look at her….how could you not take amazing photographs of her??

Special huge thank you’s to Mt. Lebanon Floral for the amazing florals and At Home Beauty for such creative hair and makeup. So wonderful to work with such talent.

Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer-3Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer-7Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer-8Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer-1Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer-6Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer-9DSC-200_pp_ppPittsburgh Portrait Photographer-15Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer-5Photography & creative direction & wardrobe styling: Me, silly
Hair & makeup: At Home Beauty
Florals: Mt. Lebanon Floral
Model: Julia Erickson
White bodysuit: Victoria’s Secret
Blush bodysuit: Forever 21
Both skirts: handmade my me.

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