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Boudoir Photography Before & After | Pittsburgh | Elizabeth Craig Photography-2That’s what they kept saying to me; they each needed this sessionĀ and both for their own reasons.

This was a Gal’s Day for my gorgeous clients. They’re best friends, own a salon together, and decided it was the right time to come in and celebrate themselves with me. And oh my gosh…what a party we had! Music, mimosas, gossip…and so so so much laughter. I was instantly connected to both of these beautiful women and their excitement for this day was simply contagious.

This absolutely stunning woman you see here has lost a bunch of weight and felt it was time to capture herself after all of her hard work. She said to me that almost all of her nervousness was because she knew she was going to have to show more skin to a complete stranger (me) than she has done in years for anyone else. Although she had lost a lot of weight, she still wasn’t exactly thrilled at the notion of running around half naked in an unfamiliar studio with an unfamiliar woman. But by the very first outfit she told me she couldn’t believe how comfortable she felt with me, and more than once made that same comment and felt walking around my studio in her skivviesĀ became a complete non-issue to her. That’s how comfortable I made her feel. Can we say liberated?

Can you even begin to imagine how wonderful that was for me to hear?

And she was so ready. She was ready to sit in that salon chair, have her hair and makeup done by a pro, sip champagne and just be pampered. And when it came to the photographs, all she wanted was to feel sexy. That’s what she told me: I want these photos to be sexy.

Mission. Accepted….and accomplished.

I’ll be following up Monday with the other incredible Gal from this day. But for now, feast your eyes upon this lovely woman that battled her self-image for years, finally took her inside and outside beauty into her own hands and found a place of peace and self-love for herself. AND then celebrated that accomplishment with me.

Love when that happens.

PS–if you’re not sure what a Gal’s Day is, let me explain: you and a friend have your own individual sessions on the same day, allowing a big savings on the sitting fee. Interested? Contact me for more information.Boudoir Photography | Pittsburgh | Elizabeth Craig Photography-1Boudoir Photography | Pittsburgh | Elizabeth Craig Photography-3Boudoir Photography | Pittsburgh | Elizabeth Craig Photography-2Makeover by At Home Beauty.

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