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Fabulous 40's and 50's-1Our 20’s are for total selfishness and complete independence. Working hard, building friendships, plowing along to build that resume and experience what it’s like to only have to worry about ourselves.

Our 30’s are for realizing there are other people in this world other than ourselves. We fall in love. We split ourselves in two (or 3 or 4…depending on how many babies you bring into this world) and we drastically go from only caring about ourselves, to putting ourselves way beyond last to make sure everyone else around is doing ok.

Our 40’s are for reestablishing and remembering who we were before we gave up our bodies, minds and souls to the life-sucking beings that are our babies and our husbands (and I mean that with love). We venture out into the world again, see our old friends, begin to reemerge stronger, wiser and more relaxed. Work is good, life is getting easier to navigate and you’re starting to really let it sink in that taking care of yourself is a necessity and the value of celebrating yourself is pretty high on the list.

Our 50’s we really get our steam going again. We realize the older we get, the less we care about what people think about us and it’s just so damn….freeing. Our kids have just left the nest and are on their way to soar in this world and we’re making big plans that include husbands, gal pals, traveling and continuing to kick ass at our careers.

Our 60’s are for true living again. Kids are established in their own lives, retirement has either begun or is shortly on its way. We’re traveling, seeing things with wiser, more relaxed eyes and it now becomes all about you again. Your confident, you’ve socked your money away and are living well. You do things now simply because you want to, allowing the things your supposed to do just fade into the background.

I can’t name one of those decades that doesn’t deserve to be celebrated. In fact, if I had to do it all over again I think I would’ve had a photo session at least every 3 years to capture who I was then and how far I’d come. Each decade above describes a woman that took, gave, lived, loved, laughed and every single one of you that fits into one of the paragraphs above definitely deserves a day for yourself. It might not be with me, but I can’t think of a better way to celebrate YOU than a session with me.

This gal in these photos decided it was time to have that very experience with me. If you’re wondering which decade she was celebrating, it was her 30’s. As you can see….what a day we had.

And when her 2 daughters go looking for photos of her someday, guess what they will find. Can you say the same thing about your kids? It’s a Legacy thing.Fabulous 40's and 50's-2Fabulous 40's and 50's-20Fabulous 40's and 50's-21Fabulous 40's and 50's-8Fabulous 40's and 50's-3Fabulous 40's and 50's-7Fabulous 40's and 50's-4Fabulous 40's and 50's-6Fabulous 40's and 50's-5Fabulous 40's and 50's-9Fabulous 40's and 50's-12Fabulous 40's and 50's-10Fabulous 40's and 50's-13Fabulous 40's and 50's-11Fabulous 40's and 50's-14Fabulous 40's and 50's-15Fabulous 40's and 50's-16Makeover by At Home Beauty.

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