Is This Real?

Pittsburgh Contemporary Portrait Photographer-1-3Could this really be my daughter?? I look at these photos and it simply amazes me how much she has grown. I remember the shoot we did with her just 2 years ago on Take Your Child to Work Day and the difference in just 2 years….my goodness.

We kept it simple this year. Just classic photos of Ella but I wanted them to be timeless with a vintage edge. That dress she’s wearing was a gift for my 40th birthday. It was in the attic of a friend’s home and I believe it’s from the late 1800’s. It fit Ella like a glove and she just looked so beautiful in it.

This reminds me how quickly time escapes from us, how quickly a child changes right before your eyes, and most importantly, how important it is to capture every single moment you can. I just re-watched the film John made of Ella’s shoot from 2 years ago and it simply melted my heart. God she’s such an incredible kid. How did I get so lucky?

People often ask me if I photograph children. If they’re alone, I like to photograph from the age of 10 up. However, I love photographing mamas with their daughters of any age. I simply cannot stress enough how important Generation sessions such as those are. Think of it this way: have you ever, in your life, met a mother that has either regretted having photos of their children or wished they had less of them?? How about gorgeous, creative and modern portraiture of herself with her daughters? “I have too many beautiful photos of myself with my girls”…..said no mother ever.

So, this Mother’s Day, how about choosing a new way to celebrate all that you have done as a mother? How about a makeover, photo shoot and a legacy of gorgeous photographs that will last way after you do?

Someday your daughters will search for photos of you…what will they find?Pittsburgh Contemporary Portrait Photographer-3Pittsburgh Contemporary Portrait Photographer-7Pittsburgh Contemporary Portrait Photographer-6Pittsburgh Contemporary Portrait Photographer-5Pittsburgh Contemporary Portrait Photographer-2Very special Thank You to Lee Ann of At Home Beauty for the gorgeous makeover of my lovely daughter.

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