Robert Glasper Experiment

Robert Glasper Band-6Occasionally I get to break out a bit from my normal crowd and have some fun with people I can definitely say I never thought I’d meet, let alone photograph. Meet Robert Glasper, the four-time Grammy-winning international musician, and his band, Robert Glasper Experiment. I was contacted last minute by a friend whose husband works with the band. They were coming through the city and playing at the August Wilson Center. They needed a few updated photos and I just so happen to be available. Lucky. Me. One hour, a crap-ton of snaps and not just a few laughs. It was a great way to spend a morning!

If you haven’t heard of them, you definitely want to give them a good listening to. Their style, to me, is more neo-soul jazz with a funk edge. I turned his music on in my studio and listened to him for the first time and I fell in love instantly. Robert has collaborated with some of my most favorite artists (Eryka Badu for one) but all I want for Christmas now is for him to collaborate with my all-time, mostest favorite of all: Jill Scott. And if those 2 ever shared a stage together I believe I would pretty much travel anywhere in the world to see that performance.

So, special thanks to the band for coming to spend a bit of time with me. I hope to be in a crowd soon listening and dancing to your brilliant music.

And PS–thanks for the soon-to-arrive autographed vinyl record. John is waiting like a kid waiting for Santa.Robert Glasper Band-1Robert Glasper Band-5Robert Glasper Band-2Robert Glasper Band-4

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