Coming Back to Me – Boudoir Photographer

Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-1Nothing makes me happier than to see a lovely, beautiful face in my studio that has been seen before. I met this lovely gal about 2 years ago when she came in for moral support with her friend. Her bestie was getting photos taken as a gift for her soon-to-be-husband and holy moly…what a day in the studio. I thought I couldn’t have anymore fun…

And then…they came back! This time the roles were reversed and let me just say, it was like I was in rewind mode from 2 years ago. Even after the session these lovely ladies stayed just to chat with me. You would not believe me when I tell you how supportive these 2 are of each other. They laughed all the way through, finished each other’s sentences and kept me on my toes for sure.

And guess what? I’m going to get to see their lovely faces again! They decided that each of them needed another session with me (yes, I do that. I offer Gal’s Day Sessions, whereupon you each have a separate session, but because you hold it on the same day you each get a lovely Gift Voucher worth the value of $125 to apply towards the sitting fee…friendships, it turns out, can be quite valuable! ;-)) But this time we agreed to travel to a destination to have some fun, all while being able to capture some more images of these absolutely stunning women (yes, I do that. Traveling for shoots is one of my mostest favorite things to do). Can you say “tinkle me pink, with pink sprinkles on top”?

This is her sneak peek today. I don’t always do a sneak peek but she’s going to be seeing all of her photos for the first time this evening and I just couldn’t help myself but to give her a bit of a teaser. I LOVE doing that!

PS–to all you groom’s out there (or husbands or boyfriends): Thinking you’d like to see your lovely woman do a session like this? Well, be the hero of the year and give her an Elizabeth Craig Photography Gift Certificate and make that happen. Yep–I do that. Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-2Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-3Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-5Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-6Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-7Pittsburgh Bridal Boudoir Photographer-8Makeover by At Home Beauty.

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