Did You Know…

Pittsburgh Personal Branding Photography-3…that Personal Branding sessions are a thing? Well they are. And they are really gaining tread, ladies. Gone are the days when you just held your iPhone up and snapped a photo of you sitting at your desk, juuuuuust trying to squeeze in the props that made it look professional enough.

Why hire a pro for a Personal Branding session? Because they’re a pro. I can’t speak for any other photographer, but I work with each of my clients to help them formulate what specific tone they’re going for and how to achieve that. So, the entire session is custom-designed for you, by you and me. Makeup and hair styling? Yep–got that too.

You’ve seen Melanie before on my blog. She decided it was time to hire a pro to work with consistently throughout the year so that she could not only utilize the photographs from different sessions to keep her social media and product rollouts updated, but also because she knew, from past experience with me, that I’m actually a multi-media house of BAM. I conceptualize and design. I assist with obtaining wardrobe if you need it. I photograph. John creates specialized films for whatever you need AND he writes and plays his own music to accompany your films. BAM…see?

So there you have it. You’ll be seeing a lot of Melanie as we have a whole year of fun to attend to. For this session we stayed inside for 2 outfits and went outside for 2 (outside coming soon). Who knows where we’ll be next, as we decided to do some traveling for some of the sessions (which I’m so pumped about).

If you’re interested in a Personal Branding session, contact me today for a phone call so we can chat about what you want.Pittsburgh Personal Branding Photography-1Pittsburgh Personal Branding Photography-4Pittsburgh Personal Branding Photography-2

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