Pittsburgh Couple's Boudoir Photography-001That’s the word she used to describe how she felt after her session with her husband. That is a word I like hearing from my clients after a shoot with me.

Of course it never starts out that way. It’s a wee bit nerve-wracking to get intimate with your loved one with a gal standing next to you with a big camera. But we planned. We talked. We prepared. And the day of, I made sure to talk with them about what to expect and how this crazy session works. They found a bit of comfort in each other and before I knew it, they were total rockstars.

Gosh these 2 were just gaga for each other. And I mean genuinely attracted to each other and hopelessly in love with each other. I can’t think of a better way to ring in 30 (her) and celebrate such a bond than through the legacy of photographs.

And why not make those photographs intimate? We’ve all been there in those moments when our breath was taken away. When you were so aligned with your partner that nothing, absolutely nothing, could take that away from you both in that moment. An acknowledgment of such tenderness for the other, such deep love, acceptance and partnership that could have no other ending than skin-to-skin contact.

Yesssss…..that’s what I want to capture. Pittsburgh Couple's Boudoir Photography-002Pittsburgh Couple's Boudoir Photography-003Pittsburgh Couple's Boudoir Photography-004Pittsburgh Couple's Boudoir Photography-005Makeover by At Home Beauty.

And just in case you’re wondering…an Elizabeth Craig Photography Gift Certificate for a Couple’s Session makes quite the memorable anniversary gift….hmmmmm…..

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