What Would a Photography Session Look Like for You?

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-1

If you could have any kind of photography session you wanted, what would that look like? And when you’re imagining this, you have to imagine it for you and no one else. Yes–that someone else can certainly benefit from this session, but my question is: what would that session look like for you?

I’m asking because that’s what I do, you see. Women come to me and ask me to photograph them. Most ask for boudoir, some ask for fashion/beauty, others ask for professional beauty sessions. Sometimes women think they know what they want but by the time they describe what they want they realize on their own that they actually want something else.

But what would that look like for you? A lot of women will say to me, “Oh my gosh, I love your photography but I could never do that. I could never put on that lingerie.” Then I ask, “But could you put on a dress? Or how about a pair of jeans and a t-shirt? Or what about a gown or your favorite sweater?” And then the light comes on. “I can do that??” Well of course you can! A session for you is a session for you.

We design a session for you together. And girl, I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it really is. First we start with your dreams, then we bring that down out of the clouds a bit. We then consider wardrobe to go along with that “You know what I always wanted to try??” question. And then you get really excited because you see that it’s all actually coming together.

I asked the question on Facebook a while ago: “If you could have your dream photography session, what would that look like?” And those answers were absolutely phenomenal. Everything from family in the woods, to a gown in front of the Eiffel Tower, to a photo session with their significant other, to the steps of a castle, to a grape field in France, to a beach in the Greek Islands, to a remake of Lady Godiva…

You see, everyone has an idea of what they would want, they just don’t realize they can have it. So think about it, just for a minute. If you could be photographed any way you want, what would that look like? Does that mean I can do it for you? Maybe not. As much as I’d love to fly to Paris with you and photograph you in a designer gown in front of the Eiffel Tower, that isn’t likely something I can do (or can I….??) But we might be able to brainstorm and come up with something equally as magical, but doable.

Does it have to be something otherworldly or totally complicated? No. Simplicity is magic, my friends. Sometimes an uncluttered background and one beautiful woman in whatever clothing makes her happiest is all you need. This gal? A comfy sweater, a beautiful lace nightie, a gorgeous Michael Kors leather jacket. If you saw her face when she saw her images you’d see that she got the session she wanted, all the way.

I asked a question and I’d love some answers. I mean it! Don’t wanna reply on this blog? Email me at elizabethcraig@me.com and tell me your dream shoot.

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-6Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-5Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-2Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-3Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-4Makeover by At Home Beauty.

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