Before (you walk into my studio) & After (we get our hands on you) Photography

Pittsburgh Before & After Beauty Boudoir Photography-10Have you caught onto my theme this week yet? Yep–it’s my week of showing off how everyday, totally beautiful women have come into my studio and undergone a gorgeous transformation.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but the reason I like to show off before & after photographs is to remind all you good women out there that this is for you too. I’m not photographing models (and no kidding, I have had more than one woman tell me they thought I wasn’t being honest…that I was secretly photographing models and trying to pass them off as everyday women, until they saw my before & after gallery on my site). It’s not that I won’t or haven’t photographed models, but my jam is the everyday woman that tiptoes into my studio excited but unsure, and then runway walks back out after their day with me. *snap*

So, if you’re curious if you have it in you, let me be the first to answer that question: Yes. Yes you do. Pittsburgh Before & After Beauty Boudoir Photography-11Pittsburgh Before & After Beauty Boudoir Photography-12Pittsburgh Before & After Beauty Boudoir Photography-13Pittsburgh Before & After Beauty Boudoir Photography-14Pittsburgh Before & After Beauty Boudoir Photography-15Pittsburgh Before & After Beauty Boudoir Photography-16Pittsburgh Before & After Beauty Boudoir Photography-17Pittsburgh Before & After Beauty Boudoir Photography-18Pittsburgh Before & After Beauty Boudoir Photography-19Pittsburgh Before & After Beauty Boudoir Photography-20
Makeover by Beauty Justified.

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