The Romantic Bride

bridal-boudoir-photography-15I would say about half of my sessions are dedicated to brides that want a unique and powerful wedding gift for their fiancé. I say that’s a smart bride. There aren’t many gifts you can give someone that is half for you and half for them…but the half for you in no way takes away from the half for them. Brilliant.

My favorite part of bridal boudoir sessions is encouraging women to understand how important of a gift this is. There aren’t too much huge milestones in one’s life (marriage…kids. Yes, you could say graduation but for some reason that just doesn’t seem right to stand it alongside the former) so reminding brides that this is just as much for them as it is for him is fun. Once they let that sink in you can see the sparkle in their eye. Make no mistake, these photos are for you just as much as they’re for him. Bringing them back out on your 10, 20 or beyond anniversary is sure to invoke nostalgia, not just for him.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not the same person I was in my 20’s. Taking a walk down memory lane of that time is sweet. I don’t have many photos of me in my 20’s and yes, I do regret that. In fact…knowing now what I didn’t know then, I would’ve had a photo shoot for the beginning of each decade of my life from 20’s on. Not too late for my 40’s I suppose…but sure would be nice to compare my 20’s shoot and 30’s shoot to my 40’s. Interesting…the older I get the more I understand. Call it wisdom or whatever you want, but having a visual timeline of your one, special life is just as important as every other timeline we women seem to find important (how many of us moms can count the number of photos we have of our children’s growth??)

Food for thought…bridal-boudoir-photography-16bridal-boudoir-photography-17bridal-boudoir-photography-18bridal-boudoir-photography-19bridal-boudoir-photography-20bridal-boudoir-photography-21bridal-boudoir-photography-22bridal-boudoir-photography-23bridal-boudoir-photography-24bridal-boudoir-photography-25bridal-boudoir-photography-27bridal-boudoir-photography-28Makeover by At Home Beauty.

All lingerie by Victoria’s Secret.
Bodychain from Etsy.
Earrings by Alexis Bittar.

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