Women Entrepreneurs | Team Beachbody

team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-7What a finale to such a great week I have for you today! To recap, you’ve gotten to know an incredible painter and bird whisperer, a spa owner with hands like buttah, a real estate agent and home and hearth whiz, 2 chefs that I believe inspire the actual writing of songs with their food and today I give you….drum roll please…three women that have built health & fitness empires through their Team Beach Body businesses.

Each of them has been quite successful in their businesses and when I got a message from Katy asking if I’d like to come to Florida to photograph a bunch of women in a mansion on the beach….uh…well…you know. Katy, Melanie & Val coordinated a big retreat for their top coaches and John and I were more than delighted to meet them there for a few days and have some fun.

You may remember our sneak peek a while ago (which I completely forgot to follow up on). So help me congratulate each of these women on their hard work in the businesses, on their bodies and for some serious butt kicking in the world of women entrepreneurs.

Make sure to watch the fun little films below John put together! One is for them (because, yes, we do films for businesses) and the other is just a fun one of us documenting our mini-vacay. team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-24team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-2team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-1team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-22team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-4team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-3team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-23team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-6team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-5team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-20

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