Women Entrepreneurs | Sugar & Christina

pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-9Meet Sugar & Christina. This dynamic duo teamed up to get a very yummy business off the ground. Both ladies come from backgrounds in the food industry and decided to work together to open a high-end, high-quality meal delivery service. Why no link for you to cruise on over to their site? Well, they’re still working on that, which is why they came to me for the photos you see here!

Sugar explained to me that their business will serve anyone looking for delicious, organic, locally sourced meals that can either be picked up or delivered. So for all you busy folks out there that just can’t find the time to make healthy, yummy food a priority…welcome to a new and convenient way to get your grub on.

So take in this little sneak peek which I promise to update as soon as these 2 brilliant ladies get their biz up and running. And yes…I had to sneak in one photo of Christina with her adorable puppy dog. Couldn’t resist!pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-12pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-2pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-8pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-15pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-10pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-4pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-1pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-7pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-14pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-11pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-3pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-13Makeovers by Hannah Conard Beauty.

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