Women Entrepreneurs | Ashley Cecil


We decided to dedicate this entire week to some super duper kickass rockstar women entrepreneurs that we have had the pleasure and privilege to work with in the last 6 months. I’m so excited to highlight each of these unique and brilliant women that took a chance on themselves and succeeded in their dreams, their goals and their chutzpah to bring their ideas to fruition.

So, what did John and I do for each of these talented women? Well, each had their own goal, but we provided the photography and cinematography to help each woman highlight their business, talents, collaborations and individual messages for each of their businesses. A big THANKS to each of you for the collaboration and for trusting us with your visions.

On this Monday I’m excited to bring to your attention to one of the most talented artists in Pittsburgh. We had the pleasure of working with Ashley Cecil in the last few months to help her highlight her collaboration with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History as an Artist in Residence. Her mission is to bring awareness to the serious issue of climate change and “to make dense science relatable to a broad audience to pique curiosity about nature and foster environmental stewardship.” She has achieved this by creating original artwork for the museum as well as (from her blog) “teaching art and science workshops to museum summer camp students; designing and installing within the museum a coloring mural illustrating birds of conservation concern for thousands of visitors to collaboratively fill in; putting birds, botany, and science on products that spread the love of nature to wardrobes and kids crafts rooms alike; organizing four other local artists to launch additional hand-crafted items that promote an appreciation for nature; merging words of some of history’s most inspiring writers and poets with my avian drawings on the glass cases of Bird Hall; uniting furry mothers with human mothers with a wallpaper of nursing mammals for the museum’s breastfeeding area (this will be installed in time for Mother’s Day 2017); contemplating how my artwork could be translated into patterns for window films to prevent birds from flying into glass; hosting visits with people of all industries and backgrounds to show them what comes of an artist being set loose in a natural history museum; and finally, using my work to spread the word about the museum’s research and conservation efforts far and wide – Residency-related artworks and events were featured more than 20 times through online, print, TV, and radio media, including Carnegie MagazineKDKA’s Pittsburgh Today LiveNextPittsburghPittsburgh Magazinethe Post-Gazette, TechVibe Radio, and TribLive.”

Ashley is also in collaboration with Birdsafe Pittsburgh in an effort to, again, bring awareness to bird conservation and the effort presently being put forth to reduce bird mortality in Pittsburgh from colliding with windows (“it’s estimated that up to one billion birds die in the US every year from colliding with windows”).

Not only are Ashley’s collaborations seriously impressive, but she is also, as I said above, an incredibly talented painter. We have 2 of her paintings hanging in our home and if I could I would likely hang them all through the house.

So if you have a minute and want to check out one impressive lady with some serious skills, hop on over to Ashley’s site and say hi.


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