Giving Yourself Some Glam

pittsburgh-woman-portrait-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-002I will be the very first to tell you a million times: you can never give yourself enough glam. I’m a glam kinda gal so I’m a bit biased, but as my grandmother used to say “everything’s better when it sparkles”. I couldn’t agree more.

So when this absolutely stunning woman came into my studio it was easy to immediately see her in a bit of old Hollywood glamour. She just fit the mould…she ooooooozed elegance and timelessness.

I think that’s what I loved most about this set…it’s timelessness. She will be able to pull these out years from now and they will still be relevant, artful and beautiful. If you read my previous post to this one, you know how important this is to me.

Passing down a bit of yourself through the years is probably one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Well…that and adding a bit of sparkle to everything you do. pittsburgh-woman-portrait-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-001pittsburgh-woman-portrait-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-004pittsburgh-woman-portrait-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-005pittsburgh-woman-portrait-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-003Makeover by At Home Beauty.



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