Valentine’s Day 2017 Last-Minute Boudoir Photography Special!

valentines-day-2017-boudoir-photography-special-005So, every year for Valentine’s Day I tell you all that you have to book with me no later than the first week in January to be able to receive your products by the big day. So, usually by now if you wanted a session with me in time for V Day, you were out of luck. Well, not anymore! I found a few killer products I can have for you in time! YAY!

So here’s the deal. I have one day, and one day only, when you can come in for a session, get a glam makeover, have the time of your life with a photo shoot with me, have a choice between 4 packages to meet all budgets, AND get everything in time for Valentine’s Day. Who’s with me??

I have one package for $450, one for $675 and 2 for $1,000. You can also mix and match these 4 products for a bundle steal. Interested? You should be.

BUT! I only have 4 slots available. So if you’re interested I would definitely get on that because this is first come first serve. All shoots will be held on February 8.

If you need a last-minute steal for your lovah, contact me at for more information on the packages.valentines-day-2017-boudoir-photography-special-007valentines-day-2017-boudoir-photography-special-010valentines-day-2017-boudoir-photography-special-004valentines-day-2017-boudoir-photography-special-003valentines-day-2017-boudoir-photography-special-002valentines-day-2017-boudoir-photography-special-006valentines-day-2017-boudoir-photography-special-009valentines-day-2017-boudoir-photography-special-001valentines-day-2017-boudoir-photography-special-008Makeover by At Home Beauty.

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