The Anniversary Gift | Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer

pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-003Yesssssssss……can you think of a better anniversary gift than this?? OK–trip to somewhere luxurious, warm and surrounded by sand…maybe. But in lieu of the perfect, romantic, tropical vacation, I give you this: A Gift for Him. An Experience for You. Not bad, eh?

This lovely lady is friends with another lovely lady I recently photographed. So this lovely lady saw that lovely lady’s photos and…well…there you go. That’s how it works. So, this lovely lady was curious. Her curiosity brought her to me and as you can see, we turned that curiosity into one badass day of pampering, fun and not too little glamour.

She killed it. Nervous but unafraid, I spoke and she listened. I showed her the photos as we went, she couldn’t believe it was her on that little 2×3 screen. But it was. Ohhhhhhhhh it was.

When you’re ready for that same experience….I’ll be here.pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-002pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-001Makeover by Hannah Conard Beauty.

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