She Just Had to Know…

pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-15…if she looked as badass in this outfit as she hoped. Um. Yeah. She did.

She glided through the other outfits. One sweet and comfy. That came with giggles and smiles. Two lacey. Both demure and elegant. But this one….ohhhhh this one. This one brought out a side of her that she connected with very very easily. There was no digging around to find her; she was jus waiting to be heard.

And boy…I don’t know about you, but I hear this gal loud and clear. I hear sirens, low hums, loud laughs that take over a room and breaths that catch you off guard. Mostly, I hear her power.

Wanna know what that sounds like? I’m waiting for you…pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-12pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-17pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-14pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-11pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-18pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-13pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-16Makeover by Hannah Conard Beauty.

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